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What is A3187 equivalent Chinese movement?


Horology Curious
Dear RWI members

I bought the watch in late 2017, the SKU from puretime says RLX2016110201.

The description of the watch was EXPLORER II 42MM 216570 1:1 NOOB BEST EDITION WHITE DIAL A3187 (CORRECT HAND STACK).

I am having some issues with the hour hand as it’s stuck between 9pm and 10pm, would not progress any further with any winding of the crown. I think I may have broken the mechanism as I tried adjusting the date between 9pm and 3am.

I tried engaging a RWI member to troubleshoot the issue, but I need to provide him with the movement of the watch.

Does any one on this forum know what movement this watch has based on the info above?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.