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Terms And Conditions


Trusted Watch Dealer
Trusted Dealer
Terms and conditions

1. You need to understand that replica watches are never 1:1, no matter how much mods are done. So manage your expectations realistically.

2. Building a quality watch takes time, so give it time. Give us the time and space to work on your order. Each watch order and job detail will be properly recorded and documented, so do not worry about it. We do not provide interim status updates. You will hear from us when the watch is ready. Estimated time of completion will be around 60 days after receiving everything that is necessary.

3. Watches, parts and work supplied by us need to be paid upfront upon quotation via one of our accepted payment methods.

4. For watches sent to us by you, it is not possible to quote for some jobs without inspecting the watch and seeing the cause of the problems. So be reasonable and do not always expect a quote after describing the symptoms. Sometimes it’s possible. Sometimes it’s not.

5. We do not supply pictures or videos of the mod processes, please do not ask. You will get a courtesy picture or pictures upon completion of the job and before shipping. Remember these are courtesy pictures and not QC pictures. You may communicate with us if there are any reasonable concerns with details in the pictures and we will do our best to help you.

6. All outbound shipping from AMF will be via registered post unless otherwise discussed and agreed. We can arrange for triangular shipment if shipping address is within a strict customs area. Please be aware that we will not be accountable for customs seizure or losses due to the postal system since this is something out of our control. However we will do everything, within our means, we can to help solve the situation.

7. We reserve the right to refuse to deal any member without reason.

8. Payment made to AMF will be construed as the terms and conditions being read, understood and accepted by the member doing so. There will be no refunds for change of minds, and any such arrangements including but not limited to refunds, discounts and service credits are at the sole discretion of AMF.