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SOLD New Rolex Daytona Ref. 116500 from BTF with A4130 and Panda Dial


Supporting Vendor
Supporting Vendor
Up for sale (in stock and will be shipped next day after payment) is a BRAND NEW ROLEX Daytona Ref. 116500 from BTF with A4130 and panda dial

Price for the watch without any service is 850€ including shipping in EU

>>> As an option (not included and priced separately) you can get a complete movement service and 1 year guarantee of movement <<<

Following works done by our watchsmith:

1. disassemble the watch and check all parts

2. complete revision of the movement
3. ultrasonic cleaning all parts
4. oiling of individual components with Moebius 1-5 synthetic oil
5. adjustment of the movement

6. water resistance test by 6 BAR

The price for the watch including service and 1 year guarantee is 1300.-€ including shipping in EU.

Payment method is PayPal F&F without any notes, Transferwise, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin.


[url=https://clickpix.org/image/DB359A7F-0E63-464D-8AD7-52A7A21902AF.zQR0aj] [/URL]
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Watch has arrived today (ordered including a service of the movement). The BTF Daytona Panda is stunning - its a present for my wife (happy wife, happy life as we all know)! Thanks to the vendor and to RWI. But - now I want to have an own one also...;-)
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