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First time buy on Chazingtime


Active member
Hello all,
I'd like to share my experience with my first rep buy on Chazingtime. I'm a newbie in the forum but have been lurking around for some time. I was lucky to stumble upon Rwi, and although I ain't no good on It topics, I'm good in researching the internet and distinguish the good information from the trash. That's why I sticked to RWI and read, read, read. I primarily researched for my first buy, I'm a rolex fan, so read (many times) threads about the models I like and took notes, damn I even filled an excel spreadsheet to note characteristics from all td sites. In the end I don't really know why I chose chazingtime, maybe just because I found the model I wanted. I have to say, this was my first buy and I still was a bit sceptical, so I didn't go for the 1000+ model but chose a subtle OP model with an ETA clone movement for this first "test".
So I placed the order. I had instantly payment issues, but I was promptly contacted via email and was able to chose from a couple of viable alternatives. Communication was set. I payd and informed chazingtime that I was good to go. Then I waited. One of the first things I learned here is you gotta be patient. I was, also because China was in its last covid lockdown, so I figured there may very well be some bottlenecks. I paid around March 18. Beginning of April, with no feedback yet I politely inquired about the situation. Response was just wait, so I waited more. It honestly never crossed my mind that something was going awry, response was always pretty quick and reasonably justified.
At last I received QC pics on April 10th. All was good so I GL'd.
Tracking number was sent April 20th, so you can see all was going pretty chewy, but then again, covid, logistics bottlenecks, illegal business. I just waited a bit.
I admit on may 2nd I became a bit nervous because the tracking info had been stuck in "transit" for eleven days and thought there may be an error or the packege may have been seized. But that's only because of inexperience, I was expecting to get tracking info for each single step of the delivery, but it's evident now that "in transit" means it's somewhere on its long way between China and Europe. I contacted them and they promptly replied with the same "in transit" info, but from the tone/demeanor of the answer I understood this was pretty standard, so I regained my peace of mind.
As destiny goes, the package arrived the next day, same day I left for a business trip. I had to wait another 5 days to unwrap my first OP rep.
There's not much to say, I love the watch, it's perfect, elegant, subtle. When I had the watch on my wrist I also realized (I already knew this) how futile all quarrels about flaws and so-called "instant tells" are. You'll never notice nothing at arm's length unless you deal with gens professionally every single day of your life. These reps have an incredible quality. It's a great watch, a great buy, and a great buying experience.
Next day I wrote back to chazingtime to tell them I had the watch and I was very happy with it and thank them.
If you have read enough in this forum you'll know that patience is key to enjoy this world. And let's be honest, a big part of the enjoyment is the childish trepidant expectation of your (high-end) toy. Good education will also help you, I personally enjoy more working with people who say hi and thank you than with morons expecting the world is at their command.
So finally, a big thank you to chazingtime for the service they provided. For what I'm concerned they've earned a returning customer.
Thanks and take care!