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Custom 18k gold plated VSF Hulk for sale!

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Vendor (Watch Repair)

As instructed i would like to offer for sale my fully 18k gold plated VSF Hulk with a rare VSF Blaken dial. Watch is serviced, pressure tested and ready to go.
It's been plated in 18k gold both case and bracelet.
Crystal and insert was reinstalled and realigned perfectly.
Hands , insert , insert pip, dial indices were all coated in real 18k gold.
It's one of a kind watch and my special grail but like with every grail watch once it's done and ready i start to looking for another project , so hopefully i can find this baby a new home.

Price i ask for it is 2000$ shipped priority to USA. International shipping is extra.

To be transparent watch is 3 days old but it's used as i was wearing it so it has some swirls / scratches. Also hands have been 18k gold plated but those are not perfect, maybe could use a gen 116613 hands upgrade later on.

Thank you


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