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Chopard Mille Miglia Gets New Shoes


I recently picked up this Mille Miglia and have been experimenting with straps.

Originally fitted with a leather strap, which was in bad shape, except for the clasp, I immediately put it in on a cheapie rubber tire tread strap, which these come on as well, but wanted a new one to resemble how it came originally.

I looked around for a genuine one, but found them to be quite expensive and not always in the right size (20mm)

I eventually found this black/red rally strap on AliExpress and gave it a try. From the images on the site, the clasp looked to be either without a logo or a Chopard one. I paid $20, with tax and shipping.

It arrived, nicely packaged I should add, am impressed and think it looks great.

The problem, it has a Tissot logo on the clasp lol.

I might be able to swap the original buckle, but I’m good for now.

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