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For 21 days a year Trailie becomes a pusshi fan . . . why? because Le Tour De France happens ad it just so happens to be the greatest show of sheer stamina, endurance and strength in all of sport that compares to what these guys put themselves thru.

For 344 days of the year I have zero interest in cycles unless the buggers are blocking my way on a road but this, this is the ultimate in physical sporting competition and anyone who says otherwise is a dick. No competition on earth is more demanding then what we are shortly to witness. People I know in the prime of fitness have wilted at L'Étape which is wo days of what these guys endure for 21, it's grueling and not only that but we get to see some of the best scenery the world has to offer. Seriously if you have never watch Le Tour you need to take a look as between the sheer beauty and history of Le Course and the sheer drama of Le Race it's the best entertainment you will see all year. Now most folk won't watch 10 hours of it every day ( I'll come close) but make sure you at least catch a few of the downhill sections in the Alps along with the climbs that inevitably follow, trust me you'll love it.
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In my younger days, I was an avid cyclist. 75-100 mile weekends were the norm, and I used to take off a couple of weeks in the summer to go on trips. One of the most memorable being a trip from Vancouver BC to San Francisco in 11 days.

Those days are well behind me, but I always wondered if I had what it took to do the TDF. I went on a ride with friends on a 5 day tour of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Needless to say, while memorable, I knew then I would rather compete in spirit in front of the TV. LOL

I'll definitely have to watch a little soon, for old times sake of course.

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Nope, that doesn't go on for 21 days . . .
No sporting event is more arduous than a TDF.

A Triple Deca is 30 days of Triathlon over Ironman distance. The daily cycling part alone is as long as your average TDF distance.
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What's the difference between ironman and triathlon buddy?