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Please welcome Harleysta91 to the Watchmakers list

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    Originally posted by tinitonsi View Post
    Harleysta91 is not just a modder for me he’s a friend and I’m happy and proud to give him a warm welcome in the RWI watchmakers list.
    I’m not here the play the game “who has it bigger” or “my modder is better than yours”.
    I’m here just to testify he’s a good, honest and trustful guy; a capable, competent and talented watchmaker who does is for living (not JUST for passion or only for hobby during the weekends or free periods after the primary job).
    This is what I ONLY want to say here and I’m REALLY REALLY happy to have him around.
    He’s my modder for almost 2 years now, and I’m pretty sure he’s modded one of my watches while I’m writing these few sentences
    So WELCOME Riki!!!
    Thanks Tinitonsi! for your watch, it just arrived and I'm already putting it on :-D


      Originally posted by Nikz19 View Post

      Thanks for sharing that thread. It’s great to see you confirm what the boss said, a couple resolved issues from a selected group of italian users -some of them doesn’t even ever have the chance to work with Riccardo, they just group attack him because their friends are doing so- or trying to market other watchmakers which they’re friends with.........
      So now I can see why you’re upset. Cause someone here got his Trusted Corner but someone else did not.

      I define myself a neutral member, I always hate people who don't talk using facts. So let's report some facts. This guy did many errors (we are all humans after all) and did really good jobs, what I really didn't like was that he constantly lied and hid all the things he was doing to scam some users, until they publicly reported him and then he admitted his error and then refund them.

      I agree with the fact that all TD have bad feedbacks but I don't remember some TD who lied on purpose on a sale or on some watch component, yet this guy did more than few times.

      I remember clearly many member who proving facts with pictures and conversation with harleysta showing that he stated to replace components with original ones but in the end they were still rep parts and not working. Is this not scamming users? then his behaviour was disappearing and ignoring texts until publicly reported on this platform and then admittting his fault.

      Yes this guy, when he wants, knows his job and does some really good works but his repeated and intentionals errors and the ratio of unsatisfied members should not allow him to become a TW having unconscious international members who don't speak italian to send him their watches.

      I'm not afraid of telling what I think becuase my ultimate goal is to protect every member here who can't access informations due to language barriers and mainly to feel protected, too.


        Originally posted by bonco View Post

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        Good climate, mountains, sea and the 70% of the world artistic heritage.
        Ehi, we are forgetting one of the most extraordinary cuisines in the world!

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