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    Just ordered my first rep from him...
    lets find out if all the comments are right ;-)
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      I order more than 10 watches by Andrew last year,always without problem.Very good communication.


        I didnt know that he wasnt TD


          Welcome back Andrew. Have ordered over 80 watches from Andrew in my 12 years here. Never stopped ordering fro, him even after he lost TD status here.


            Originally posted by jacquy View Post
            I didnt know that he wasnt TD
            Was he on the TD list before now?

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              Hi everybody i am a new buyer. A Noob Sea dweller and a ARF submariner from Andrew Trusty Time.
              all was perfect, except the Rolex crown eched at 6 for the ARF sub....not very well drawn (not easy to see that on pics !).


                Yes its strange,that I thought buying from a TD,and he wasnt.


                  I will be ordering soon!
                  Dërguar nga iPhone im.


                    trustytime Ive been buying from Andrew for probably 15 years and never a problem. Fast replies and excellent customer service. I’m happy to have him back after all this time. 100% recommended.



                      Many thanks for the warm welcome back to RWI, and the support that many of you have been giving me.

                      I really appreciate it.

                      For those who did not notice, Trusty Time is having a RWI birthday promotion for a month until 15th April 2020.

                      Looking forward to serving you.



                        Welcome back Andrew !


                          Just place 2 orders with Andrew. Quick replies. Does this guy even sleep? Replies to emails day and night.


                            Hi guys,

                            I ordered one Vintage SD model on Trusty with one ETA movement. I chose this shop because Trustytime is back here and because this model was exactly the one that I wanted.

                            But after my order, Andrew wrote me that the factory told him that this model is no longer available...but it would have been advisable to remove it from his website so as not to mislead.

                            He offered me in exchange a cheaper and different model with an Asia 2824 movement or one ETA plus $100 (but it costs $70 extra normally).

                            I am very disappointed with this proposal and his answer after my proposal to solve his mistake... because he just sent me the QC pictures leaving me no choice...

                            As a trusted dealer of RWI and other websites, I am sure that he will come back to me and propose a more acceptable solution (refund or a correct exchange).

                            I will let you know !