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It's time.. R2D4 stepping down

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    It's time.. R2D4 stepping down

    As much as it pains me to do this, I need to step away from the Admin/Staff position here on RWI. I have so many good intentions to show up and contribute but like many other facets of my life, im not following through. That's not fair to you and it weighs heavily on my mind. The staff here are brilliant hard working, generous people who dedicate their free time to keep the lights on. I'll miss you and I thank you all for the time and support.

    I have been here for so many years and have made so many friends who I will always hold dear to my heart. We've been through a lot, you and I, I wouldn't trade the experience for the world! RWI will always be my home.

    I'll probably poke my head in from time to time and if the staff needs me for a memory or advice on incidences that occurred in the past, they can always email me or tag me in the staff lounge. ????

    (If the Advisor group is still an option, I'd be honored/humbled to be a member. )

    I wish you all the best!



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    Ill miss you R2 ....


      All the best for the future Rob


        Thank you for your years of service. Happy retirement
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          The end of an era.

          Good luck in all your pursuits.

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          So much want.


            All the best for you and thank you for your work for this community Rob!

            Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk


              Never spoken to you but wish you all the best for the future. Nearly 12 years registered on a forum? Damn! Hope you have a nice break whatever you get up to
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                Take care brother. We'll see you around.

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                Do you have Genuine Omega Planet Ocean parts for the 2500 series?


                  Havent interacted with you personally, but definitely seen you around here. Good luck in life's adventures outside RWI!
                  "Thats how you get ants..."


                    Helluva ride my friend! See you around!


                      All the very best R2, I hope life treats you well


                        The staff here does not get enough thanks for all they do.
                        Thank you

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                          Best wishes R2D4!
                          My wish list: gen components...
                          Breitling Datora Montibrilliant dial, older style

                          Breitling B13 date wheel

                          Panerai OP VIII movement


                            Best of Luck, Rob.. Your insights and advice have been invaluable to me over the years …. Cheers!
                            Midnight Rider[S][/S]


                              Thanks for everything mate!