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The First Constitution of RWI

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    Originally posted by DR3M3L, post: 2491072
    So.... What does that make me? Minister of infrastructure?
    Pretty much

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    People always forget, the correct sequence is rape, pillage THEN burn. sfa437
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    hmm - from what I know of Guanaco all he'll do is try to make the trouble more fun.... greg_r
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    When you say modding, do you mean repeatedly hitting it with a hammer? Mickey Padge

    Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens


      Originally posted by trailboss99, post: 2491077
      Pretty much
      Now I'm gonna change my usertitle!! Thanks


        Originally posted by trailboss99, post: 2491076
        Now see this guy is smart, he's reading a lot, asking questions when he can't find an answer (rather than asking "Who has the best sub in the chatbox 30 seconds after joining) and I'll bet using the search function to his advantage.

        Anyone who has been here less than 30 days and buys any damn thing is more than likely ill equipped to do so unless he's been spending 8 hours a day on here. Read, search, learn. After that research the dealers, pick two or three and send them a request about the watch you want. See the replies, judge them and then and ONLY then push the button and buy.
        Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.
        txrob779: No talking politics religion or race in the Chat Box or Peegays or Huge Blow Bling Blangs neither.

        If a BP were a lackadaisical hand job from a wife that didn't really love you anymore, a TC would be a threesome with two swedish models.


          Thank you for that post. I can guarantee I will reference it a lot to make sure I am following RWI's rules. I am new to the rep world so, please forgive any silly newbie comments or questions I may spew forth. I'm here to learn and hopefully help others any way I can.


            I honestly believe posts like these should get more exposure. It's a good way for new members to make their way into our community


              It should be a requirement for all new accounts to read through this THOROUGHLY.


                Good read, nice reference to always come back to. Kudos to ahw. Thanks.


                  Been here 3 yrs or so and just read this as was directed by a fellow member because of a slight indiscretion, sorry it took me so long, Lessons learned!


                    Originally posted by tommy_boy View Post
                    Thanks for doing this.

                    Hopefully folks will read it, regardless of how long they've been here.
                    Agreed, I found it today while browsing RWI. Very well written, pleasure to read and I learned a lot. Bump