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The First Constitution of RWI

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    The First Constitution of RWI

    Welcome to RWI! We're pleased to have you here. This is a worldwide community dedicated to sharing our appreciation for (and fueling our acquisition of) wristwatches, primarily replica watches.

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary…

    forum n. (pl. forums)
    1) a meeting or medium for an exchange of views.
    2) (pl. fora) (in an ancient Roman city) a public square or marketplace used for judicial and other business. Origin ME: from Latin, lit. what is out of doors.

    In ancient times, that "public square or marketplace" consisted of a largely homogeneous mix of members. However, the Internet has made it possible for our "public square" to accommodate watch lovers from anywhere on the planet and from every walk of life. English is our primary language on the board, although we have many multilingual members and have subsections moderated both in Spanish and in French. Hopefully you'll be able to find a niche in our community where you can learn information and share your experiences with others.

    However, any time you put twenty thousand plus members into one sandbox, there need to be a few rules to follow, otherwise one winds up with a lot of sand in unmentionable areas.

    Section 1: What We Expect From Members

    A) RWI is a community. It's driven primarily by our common interest in watches, but we certainly hope that everyone has other interests as well. As such, we welcome discussion on a wide variety of topics. Most watch-related discussions will be held in General Discussion or in one of the subsections divided by watch brand. Non-watch related topics usually go to Off Topic Discussion. We have recently added a new Ultralounge area in which other subjects, such as guns, alcoholic beverages, cigars, and pens are featured, and more sections will undoubtedly follow.

    Dealers who have been screened by the staff and have a reliable history of honest dealings with our members are grouped together in the Trusted Dealers section, with a few dealers in the Probation Section (which includes new dealers or those which have historically been trustworthy but have run into more recent difficulties). Members can buy from and sell watches to each other in the Member Replica Sales section, and limited Non-Watch Items may also be sold in its appropriate section. (More about member sales later.) Each of the sales sections has a separate review area where you can learn about, and then share your own experiences regarding purchases from dealers or individual members. There is also a section where you can ask questions about, or let others know about your encounters with dealers who are not officially trusted dealers on our board.

    Non-Trusted Dealers Section: the bad news about replica watch-buying is that the overwhelming majority of available websites are scam sites, wherein buyers either receive watches which are worth much less than they've paid for it, or they never receive merchandise at all

    Scam site list created by Fakemaster:
    We're open to hearing about possible new dealers, and you may post your questions about them here. If you have had experiences with non-RWI dealers that you feel are worth sharing with others, you may post them here as well. However, shilling for non-trusted dealers is not tolerated under any circumstances. Any appearance of this will earn a member a warning, followed by a ban from RWI if the offense is repeated.

    There is also a Humor section (should be self-explanatory) and a very special section called the Looney Bin, which is discussed below.

    B) We recognize that members join RWI for a wide variety of reasons. Most new members join because they are hoping to buy watches, need to know what to look for, and want to be able to buy them without getting scammed. Some are looking to repair or modify watches they already own. Some have watches they would like to sell to others. Some have been buying replica watches for years and would like to share their expertise and experiences with others. We hope that you will introduce yourselves, ask questions, read posts, and use the search function liberally, because practically every question about replica watches has been asked by someone at some point and you'll find that most of the answers are already on the board somewhere. If not, you'll undoubtedly find someone who will have the answers you are looking for, and will be more than happy to help you out.

    Membership on RWI is free. However, we trust that you will find your experience on RWI to be rewarding, either through education about watches, by finding dealers and members you can safely buy from, by providing a means by which you may sell your watches, by having access to a entertaining community of knowledgeable and generous members, or some combination of these. If you feel that you have benefited by your membership on this board, we hope that you will choose to become a VIP/Supporter of RWI by donating in whatever amount you feel to be appropriate. Subscription for VIP membership is as follows:

    6 months: $20
    12 months: $35
    24 months: $70
    36 months: $100

    A ten percent donation following replica sales is also recommended, but not required. RWI is funded strictly through member donations. It does not receive sponsorship by any business, advertisements, or from any of the dealers.

    C) Purchases from Dealers: RWI maintains a list of dealers which have demonstrated a history of honest dealings with buyers. Not every purchase will be perfect. Deliveries will be delayed, mistakes will be made, flaws will be missed. We invite members to post honest reviews of their transactions with our dealers. Photos are especially encouraged. If problems arise, please contact the dealer in question. Problems can be solved the vast majority of the time this way. If no resolution is reached, please contact an admin or moderator to intervene. Filing chargebacks causes problems for everyone on the board, so we strongly discourage this approach for anything other than last resort.

    What to do if your watch has a problem:!-What-do-I-do

    D) Member Replica Sales: A diamond is forever, but replica watches come and go for a lot of people. Members are welcome to sell their watches to others, but there is a certain amount of trust involved in such a transaction. Whether the sale is for $10 or $1000, no one wants to be cheated. RWI's primarily responsibility is to the safety of the community. While we recognize that the vast majority of our members are honest and genuine, the unfortunate fact remains that there are unscrupulous people who can sign up just as easily. To minimize the possibility of members being scammed by other members, we expect some level of participation on the board prior to posting sales so that we can get to know our potential sellers. Donations to the board do not replace this requirement. Items may not be posted for sale in the shoutbox or by PM (private message).

    Full Member Replica Sales rules may be viewed here:

    Other suggestions for transactions with other members:

    Note also that the Member Replica Sales section is intended for the re-sale of watches which have been previously purchased by members. It is not for the sale of new items obtained by other dealers. If any member wishes to function as a dealer, he/she must contact a member of the admin staff to make an application.

    E) Contents of Posts: we would love to see participation from all members. Although the forum is divided into sections, don't be afraid to post in the wrong section. Any post can be moved by a staff member, if it's could be placed in a better place. We discourage double posting in different sections (e.g. posting request for a Rolex bracelet in Wanted to Buy section as well as Rolex section as well as General Discussion). Multiple posts of the same content will be removed by the staff. We value knowledge, camaraderie, and entertainment, and would like to avoid censorship whenever possible. However, racial slurs or discrimination against anyone based on sexuality, ethnic or religious background will not be tolerated. Posts which are abusive or slanderous are subject to immediate removal, and the author will be warned, then banned if offenses continue. Sexually explicit material (final determination of this will be made by the staff, if there is a question) will also not be permitted in any section. Posts containing such material may be reported to a staff member, and such notifications are appreciated.

    The Looney Bin: those of us who love watches are typically motivated by an appreciation for beautiful things. Of course, this is not limited to watches, and as members of these forums tend to be 99% male, we recognize that there will be other common interests, including guns, women, cars, sexy women, motorcycles, hot women, sports, naked women, politics, and hot, sexy naked women. Discussions about motorcycles, cars, sports, politics, and most other topics may be discussed in Off Topic Discussion or in the new Ultralounge. But RWI strives to be a primarily worksafe and family-friendly forum. Posts involving hot, sexy, naked women (particularly if photos are involved) should be confined to the Looney Bin, and even posts within the Looney Bin may not contain hardcore porn. If you have doubts as to whether a photo is appropriate for posting, feel free to contact any moderator or admin first. If you wish to sport an avatar or signature which you wouldn't want your mother, your six year old daughter, your boss, or your minister to see, plan to confine your posts to the Looney Bin as well. We support your right to free speech. But we also support the community's right to be able to peruse the board at home or at work without having to throw a towel over the screen.

    F)The following categories are grounds for instant banning:

    1) spammers and scammers: do not join RWI to post porn, peddle software and DVD's, or to sell your erectile dysfunction medications. Any moderator or admin can ban, and we're all just dying to do it.

    2) do not post pictures or references to your rep watch on forums for genuine watches. Replicas are legal to purchase in the US, but not in all countries, and they are illegal to manufacture and sell everywhere. Yes, certainly Rolex knows they exist, and they undoubtedly know about these forums as well, but there is no need to call attention to ourselves, or to demonstrate to the world how good the imitations have become.

    3) obvious attempts to shill for non-trusted dealers

    4) no stories about reps to AD's, if you do it, we don't want to hear about it. We do not encourage these types of activities.

    G) Other Watch Forums: RWI is one of four major watch forums. Some people are members of all four forums. We would like to maintain a collegial relationship amongst all the forums. Friendly competition is okay. Badmouthing another forum is not. Badmouthing RWI on another forum is even worse, if that wasn't obvious.

    H) We expect all members to treat each other with courtesy, respect, and honesty. In particular, we would like to see all parties deal fairly in sales transactions, both in dealer transactions and member to member ones. We expect dealers to treat members fairly, and in return, we expect members to treat dealers with equal honesty. If a dealer refunds a watch, we require the member to return the watch as instructed. Dealers should not be required to repair watches which are damaged by the buyer, or to refund watches which show signs of use by the buyer. Chargebacks, as previously stated, are to be used only in cases of last resort.

    Section 2: What You Can Expect From the Staff

    RWI is privately owned and maintained by a staff of moderators and admin. Promotions are given by approval of the high dictator. Okay, not really, but it IS true that the board is governed by a staff of members who are collectively committed to the protection and advancement of RWI.

    Commitment of the staff to the membership: it's the mission of the staff to encourage a collaborative and welcoming atmosphere on RWI, to provide information to members as needed, to regulate member replica sales, and to provide assistance when needed for transactions with dealers. Our aim is to keep any censorship to a minimum, but will do so if this is deemed to be necessary to protect the membership. This may include modifying links to scam websites (note: Trustytime website will no longer be censored) or removal of statements felt to be offensive in content. Threads may be closed in some cases, such as when an item posted in Member Replica Sales is sold, or when further discussion on a particular topic is judged to be likely to be redundant or unnecessarily provocative or inflammatory. If any member feels that a thread has been censored or closed prematurely, please contact a moderator or admin, and a final decision will be rendered by the staff as a whole.

    Full disclosure: the staff on RWI consists of Admins and Moderators, and is not financially compensated in any way by the board, the members, or the dealers. We do not get free watches from dealers. We do not get free watches from members. We do not sell or raffle damaged goods from members for any reason, especially for profit. In other words, the staff works for free. It always has been and it always will be. There are no secret discounts or other hidden benefits. We do enjoy stomping out the random spammer, but otherwise, be assured that the staff strives only to serve the membership and is not obligated to any other entity. There is no motivation to protect dealers or to automatically take a side if problems arise. The staff hears each incident separately, reviews the pertinent communications, and does its best to help to reach a resolution which is fair to all parties. The "trusted dealers" do not pay for their inclusion in the list, nor are they guaranteed this position. If they fail to meet the expectations of the board, they are moved to probation status, and if they are not able to regain the status of trusted dealer, they are subsequently removed.

    Section 3: What We Expect From Dealers

    As previously stated, trusted dealers on the board have attained this status based on their previous performance. This designation is subject to revocation at any time if a decline in service is deemed to warrant it. Here's what you should be able to expect from a "trusted dealer".

    A) Items that are listed as being in stock on their websites or in their sections should, in fact, be available, and if this unexpectedly changes, that potential buyers should be notified prior to payment being made, or immediate refund offered.

    B) Descriptions listed on their websites or in their sections should be accurate and not include misleading terms such as "1:1 replica", "swiss made", or "Grade A+++++++". One possible exception to this is that claims of water resistance are common among all of the dealers at present. Most rep experts would advise buyers to regard this claim with skepticism until the watch has been checked by a local watchsmith.

    B) If an item received by a buyer is substantially different from what was advertised on the website, or arrives damaged, we expect that the dealer will offer to replace, repair, or refund (upon return) the item in question. Typically the buyer is expected to pay for return shipping charges, but not for re-shipping the repaired or replaced item. While this may seem unfair to some buyers, the honest truth is that many of the dealers drop ship items, and never see the watch in question. Moreover, regardless of packaging, some items may be damaged in transit. There are a few dealers who do their own quality control, and some will provide pictures of the item prior to shipment.

    Each dealer has its own policy regarding items if they are seized by customs. Please check those policies prior to making purchases.

    D) No guarantees are made that our trusted dealers offer the lowest prices on any item, so buyers should expect to do their own comparison shopping.

    ************************************************** ******************************************

    A few rules notwithstanding, RWI's primary goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for everyone, so have a great time here!

    The Staff at RWI does reserve the right to modify and update this Constitution as it sees fit; future amendments will, of course, be publicly posted.


    Wow, well written!!! :iph:


      Cliff notes?

      Did you see that, they went right thru our road block!! You twits couldn't close an umbrella!


        Nice work AHW, Nice work..
        The Pics Hunter... Beware of my Fury!!


          Slave drivers....just kidding.
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          None. What? Whaaaaat?


            ....arh man, i'm gettin all emotional!!!
            my watches: hublot daytona, omega ploprof quartz chronograpf, frank mueller datejust chrono, invicta big bang 25mm all from swiss-AAA-replicastore.scam

            actually trk looks like this -->

            thanks for the gif ThinkBachs


              this is everything a noob would need!
              I think I have the compulsive disorder for watches...

              Check this out!

              1) Singaporean, Malaysian or people living in SEA say hi!!!

              2) HOW TO LUME A SANDWICH DIAL!!

              3) GET YOUR LUME HERE!


                Thanks for doing this.

                Hopefully folks will read it, regardless of how long they've been here.
                "First you have to think what this hobby means to you. Is it all about deceiving people, being anal about small details... or is it just general "watch love"? I can honestly pick up the latter. Nobody has ever asked if my watches are genuine or not... even Rolexes." By-Tor

                "I was going to say that the balls BB posted looked very smooth and shiny, but you've ruined my mood." frigpig

                "I know. I'm sorry s e a d going to pay closer aggression to what I'm typing from now on." egroegart

                Questions about RWI and its relationship with the cartel? Read this.


                  It's a very nice read indeed, just what the doc has prescribed. thanks Doc AHW!

                  Btw, was it intentional that the squids, mids, and bears were omitted? j/k


                    Nice read and hell of a work put in right there! Cheers!

                    -Q :q:


                      A lot of credit on this goes directly to AHW. She really put in a lot of time, work, and energy into making this as good as possible.
                      Any advice for those just starting to get into replica collecting?
                      Yes. Stay away. Stay very far way. Use your money on something more productive and less addictive like, say, blow, midgets and hookers.

                      Say it with me! Say it loud! Say it proud! Say it so google picks up the search terms!! Replica Watch Forum!! Replica Watch Forum!! Replica Watch Forum!!!

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                        Originally posted by Hogan, post: 524921
                        Cliff notes?
                        Play nice.
                        Sue Lor: All the people in this house are very traditional. Number one: never touch a Hmong person on the head. Not even a child. The Hmong people believe that the soul resides on the head, so don't do that.
                        Walt Kowalski: Well... Sounds dumb, but fine.
                        Sue Lor: Yeah, and a lot of Hmong people consider looking someone in the eye to be very rude! That's why they look away when you look at them.
                        Walt Kowalski: Yeah. Anything else?
                        Sue Lor: Yeah... some Hmong people tend to smile or grin, when they're yelled at. It's a cultural thing, it expresses embarrassment or insecurity. It's not that they're laughing at you or anything.
                        Walt Kowalski: Right, you people are nuts.


                          I wish you would include that no other names other than "Sapphire crystal" or "Mineral glass" should be used.

                          I.e. no more "Synthetic sapphire", "Scratch resistant crystal" and so on.


                            National Anthem of Serbia

                            I will not soil this fine post with my spamming excrement.


                              a nice reminder of why we are here.......