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Why should you subscribe?

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    Why should you subscribe?

    "Hey, Trailboss" I hear you say "Why should I support RWI by subscribing?"
    Well, I'll tell you. Firstly and most importantly from our POV is the fact that we need the funds to keep RWI up and running. RWI uses a pair of dedicated servers, a cloud account, lots of expensive software, tons of bandwidth and due to our propensity for being DDoS'd on an almost daily basis a dedicated hardware firewall. All this costs money, a lot of money. Yes we do carry some advertising but its minimal and without the funds from membership subscriptions we wouldn't be able to keep the doors open so if you want your RWI we need subscribers. Remember Trusted Dealers don't pay a fee to be here* like at some fora. This prevents a conflict of interest on our part when it comes to resolving disputes so these are the only lines of income we have.

    "So TB apart from that what's in it for me?" you ask and fair enough too. Well you get the below:
    • A nice shiny new badge below your name telling the world you support your favourite forum
    • Access to the members area and members only sales from both dealer and M2M sections
    • Lots more free giveaways on our birthday as we support those who support us
    • Unlimited sales in the M2M sales area
    • The right to place a high value sale (after clearing it with a mod)
    • The ability to change the tag line under your nick to whatever you like
    • Cred with the dealers who will often give subscribers access to better deals, different payment methods and first preference on limited releases
    • The trust of your fellow members - You have demonstrated a commitment to RWI - Often members will sell to a supporter in favour of a normal member
    • Our eternal gratitude - hey, that's gotta be worth something, right?
    New, added benefits!

    Conversation Prefixes

    You (assuming you are a supporter) can create your own colored conversation prefixes to make conversations stand out in your inbox. These are assignable by clicking the checkbox of a conversation and then assigning a prefix.

    Clicking a prefix will show you all conversations with that prefix, just like thread prefixes.

    Conversation Folders
    Since prefixes don't cut it for everyone, we also have standard folders for supporters. Make folders and sort your conversations into them so that you can find what you want quickly.

    Postless Bumps
    Everyone hates having to post bumps, right? It clutters up your thread and people never read the intermediate posts to see your price drops, etc. Well, now supporters can bump without posting at all! To prevent abuse, we've limited it to once per hour, and you can only bump your own threads.

    You can do this by opening your thread, going to Thread Tools (at the top) and -- guess what -- Bump.

    There's more coming down the pipe for our faithful supporters, so keep checking back.

    So as you can see there are many reasons to donate a lousy 35 bucks a year to help keep the doors open. That's around one tenth the price of the average rep so if you can afford this hobby you can afford to help keep your favourite forum up and running.

    If you're still not convinced, check out the canonical benefit list here:

    To Subscribe and become a Supporting Member drop me a PM today! You can do so

    New Supporter's Level!

    Due to requests from several members for a higher level of supporter we have introduced Patron which involves a donation of $100 a year or 70 to upgrade from Supporter. Please PM Trailboss for upgrade instructions.

    *Supporting Vendors pay a small fee (around $30 a month) to advertise

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    [COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]"The trust of your fellow members - You have demonstrated a commitment to RWI - Often members will sell to a supporter in favour of a normal member."[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=rgb(191, 191, 191)]^^ This, possibly the most important point (apart from that lovely gold badge, obviously). [/COLOR]
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      Agreed! Become a Supporter!


        Don't forget "The Secret Handshake"


          Well said!! Supporting is well worth it!

          And honestly guys - it's certainly NOT expensive either!!
          Everyone here can afford to spare a little bit to support this great site!


            Supporters get all the chicks.
            Tucker seems to be fallen into a pit of ignorance - Cavemax

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              Originally posted by Tucker, post: 3235838, member: 0
              Supporters get all the chicks.
              Good! I just made my renewal today

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                Listen to the Wisest One:

                In plain English: Stop being a cheapskate. Chip in to pay the bills!
                MY COLLECTION:

                - Adapted from "Hotel California" by Eagles


                  Just did it!


                    It's worth it guys! It keeps the forum running and advertising minimal compared to other forums! The advice and guidance available here is worth so much more than the subscription fees.

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                      If nothing else, do it for the extra mailbox space - definitely worth it.

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                        I would feel guilty using all the information on this site without being a supporter. RWI saved me a lot of money. The cost of all the watches I bought as the result of being a supportng member doesn't count.


                          Because this is the best watch forum

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                            Originally posted by tkingjr, post: 3236147, member: 0
                            I would feel guilty using all the information on this site without being a supporter. RWI saved me a lot of money. The cost of all the watches I bought as the result of being a supportng member doesn't count.

                            Exactly! Knowledge is power!

                            Plus, if you're lucky you might get an invite to the Staff lounge----


                              I was just going to PM a member to buy a watch for $350 asking price but I noticed he is not a supporter. I can't bring myself to hit the send button so I will order the watch from Lucy and pay a little more, wait a little longer.