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    Who’s BK?

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    Here is BK's


      Adding in my 2 cents, I remember reading the beginners guide and even that recommended ARF for good quality. So I would vote for the ARF SD.


        There's a pretty good deal right now on the v8 Noobs. Is the extra $200 worth it for the v10?


          In September 2020, it would appear the reigning champion for OOTB Sub is the ZZF V2. However, there is a new player in the market in the form of the RXF Sub (at this stage, 116610LN date only). Trusty's review/promotional material makes it look like there are many improvements over the ZZF V2 but we are waiting for an in-hand review and hopefully compairison between these 2 models (and hopefully a gen).

          At the moment, the jury is out but from what I have read, the RXF is better than the Noob V11. Also up for contention will be the soon to be released ZZF V3. There seems to at least be a strong view that given the price point of the RXF ($388) it provides the best bang for your buck.


            While I love GMT, the noob CHS movement is the least reliable of the available options. VRF movement is much better. If a seadweller is your interest, consider the ARF SD43. Phenomenal build quality and a reliable A2824 inside.
            My wish list:
            Panerai OP VIII movement (7750 with GMT complication)


              Here's a well written and more detailed review of the new RXF by kennygconspiracy:


              It appears this is the sub to beat at present if you don't mind the absence of a clone 3135 movement (this first RXF uses an Asian 2824-2 movement). However, RXF have alluded (through TDs such as Trusty) that they are already working on a 3135 as well as a Hulk. For 3135s and Hulks, ZZF V2s are still the ones to beat. Rumours are that the V3 may be released at the end of September.

              Is anyone in the market for a Sub looking at waiting instead for a 126610 release in 41mm with slimmer lugs? The skeptic in me feels like manufacturers waited until the 116610 to "perfect" their reps to squeeze out as much $$$ from upgrades. But, I'm optomistic that RXF will focus on getting things as accurate as possible from the start and we may see very close reps in their 126610LN V1s.