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Lets see your vintage watches

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    Lets see your vintage watches

    I've just completed the first few stages of my Rolex vintage sea-dweller, still got some work to do on it, but over the course of doing it a couple of members have shown me some great shots of there vintage watches that i hadn't seen before and they were great for inspiration, so i think it would be good to get a small collection of pictures going (this may have been done befoe), if you've got a vintage watch (any make) lets see them, doens't matter if it's a picture on your camera phone of SLR...

    I'll kick it off with a few left over pics i had

    Rolex Sea-Dweller (bleached bezel, removed pearl, roughed up the case, new 21J movement, burnt dial & hands, sealed HEV, greased gaskets)

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    Here's my 5512... lightly bleached insert, 25-19 Clark's crystal


      1960's Universal Geneve "Golden Shadow" made for Tiffany & Co.

      It has a solid 18K gold case...this was my grandfather's retirement watch.

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        My current pride and joy.

        Lots of work in this one. rsea base and the rest by me!

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          Those are some nice looking watches! Ive got alot more techniques to learn.
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            Why you need to wind your automatic watches!


              I'll some more in the mix (not mine btw)

              Haute Living [URL="[SIZE="2"]Rep: Watches, fashion and photography inspiration


                Here is a picture of the only known Soviet Battle PAM in existence:




                    Trandy, I really like your UG!

                    1943 Universal Geneve 263 manual wind

                    1964 Seamaster automatic

                    Ellis watch Co, probably 50's but maybe 40's 17j manual wind

                    1927 Hamilton 916 with 17j
                    310 HP and drum brakes...
                    That's an adventure in motoring !!!


                      From my watch box:

                      1960s Waltham diver:

                      1930s (I think) gold-filled Lord Elgin, too small, so is the wife's:

                      Another of hers. A Hamilton rep:

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                        Originally posted by tommy_boy, post: 818654
                        I honestly love this, um, creation of yours!
                        Thanks! I love your Waltham as well. I have swapped the hands on the watch since the picture was taken. Here are the new ones:

                        Originally posted by wat44, post: 818631
                        Hey Mate,
                        I love the watch. Maybe we should convert it into the second known Soviet PAM in existence? I already have a case, Molnija movement ring and uncut stem! I was going to build one from the watch below that I just got off ebay, but I've killed the movement.


                          Ok, lets see what I have, not much vintages replicas, but some gens. In my opinion they are vintage ones, according the watch replicated or age.

                          They are not vintagized with old look, because I prefer the new look, but they are watches from 80's or older.


                          Air Kings


                          Single Red Sub

                          Pepsi GMT

                          Blue Sub


                          Omega Red Star

                          Omega Seamaster

                          Omega Mark II

                          Omega Speedmaster reduced





                          Ultra Thin Tissot Manual Wind


                          Rolex DJ
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                            I like the last DJ. Not the usual Rollie style. Reminds me of the post WWII era building's clean lines.


                              Originally posted by wolfwood, post: 818771
                              I like the last DJ. Not the usual Rollie style. Reminds me of the post WWII era building's clean lines.
                              Thanks a lot,

                              It is a nice one, and the bezel isn't so common, I like it a lot, my first rolex, gift of my father, in fact the watch belonged to him, than he gave me when I complete 16 years, then robed me at 20, and I found an exact model one year later.
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