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HOW TO: Swap a PAM Base Dial with 6497 movement

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    First post, thanks for the detailed information, stripped my 6497 PAM rep yesterday to do a relume..found this invaluable! A big thank you!


      These tutorials are great. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share this knowledge.
      1) Go to and read the dealer reviews. 2) Find a dealer you like the sound of. 3) Check out their website. 4) Find a watch you like. 5) Email the dealer and ask them for the watch you want. They are all TRUSTED dealers, so you will have an epic win. 6) Have an epic win. If you're trying to find 'the best replica' of a certain watch, read the forum more. The TD section and buyer reviews are helpful, but the brand forums will give you in-depth info about each rep. Dealers and reviews: Brand forums: This forum is like Replica University - if you don't read there's no point in coming here.


        Great write up,
        Just what I needed,been building up the courage to do a swap,going to source the tools & can't wait to give it a go
        Your a legend


          Woow this was a inspirational post.
          THX mate, impressed!

          If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.


            An excellent and concise explanation of how to change over a mechanical mechanism


              Originally posted by co-axial View Post
              Step eight: Hands are off now so we can begin to remove the dial/dialplate from the movement. The dial is secured to the movement with two screws. Do not unwind these screws completely - about 4 or five turns should do. The dial should be loose now - if not unscrew a little more.
              The dial place is held in place with two "dial feet" - be careful not to damage them (if they bo of you need to source a new plate) when lifting the dial/plate (slowly and carefuly) from the movement. Sort away the dial/plate.

              Awesome tutorial! Thanks so much for this.

              I know it's been a while since you posted this but I just have a quick question.
              After loosening up the screws holding the dial feet, does the dial have a bit of play that you can rotate it slightly?

              The reason I'm asking is that the dial on my noob PAM 111 v4 is slight crooked, and I was looking for a way slightly rotate it to straighten it up.