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Hybrid 3185 using Yuki 3135 base

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    Hybrid 3185 using Yuki 3135 base

    First I want to thank misiekped for selling me the parts.
    I had always wanted to build the 3185 movement for a pepsi 16710 gmt.
    As I am still in the journey to buy the last bits and end of the watch.
    This is the result of the build.

    The original guide is in this link by 2fake4u

    Overall the build took 7 hours with all the oiling needed at the correct parts.
    The watch now runs like a horse.

    Below is the Rolex Parts list.
    Part Number Description
    B3155-335-Y1 Minute Pinion w/ Cannon Pinion
    B3155-360-G1 Second Wheel
    B3175-260-Y1 Minute Wheel 24hr
    B3185-268-L1 Keyless Works Cover Plate
    B3185-284-Y1 Hour Wheel 12hr
    B3185-600-K1 Seating for Date Indicator
    B3185-614-Y1 Date Jumper
    B3185-623-Y1 Finger for Date
    B3185-625-Y1 Date Wheel Mounted
    B3185-660-Y1 Jumping Hours Module
    B3185-662-Y1 Corrector Wheel
    B3185-670-Y1 Intermediate Date Wheel

    If any members wish to know the details, please feel free to ask.

    thank you.
    Last edited by tsyeo4; 28-04-19, 02:23.

    Amazing work! Would love to do something like this. I sent you a PM!


      Thanks. Please kindly refer back to my pm.