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Daytona 116500 Noob V4 - RECIVED

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    Daytona 116500 Noob V4 - RECIVED

    Hello Everyone,

    Yesterday (12/01/2021) I received my first watch from YourWatch, I placed my order for a Daytona 116500 Noob V4 black dial from them on 24/11/2020 and chose their Guaranteed Shipping method (Triangle shipping)
    The total was 619 USD including shipping and use of their 10% offer

    The QC´s was supposed to arrive in 2-5 working days. After som checking in during the days I was told on the 5th day, that the watch they received from the factory had a Flaw and they had to get a new one... however 3 days later I got QC´s. I Accepted them even tho some were a bit low quality. About 4 days later I received the tracking for the first part of the shipping. Shipped on 11/12/2020 and delivered in Latvia for reshipping on 28/12/2020 (Delayed a bit because of holidays).
    The watch was then reshipped to me (Scandinavia) on the 04/01/2021 and I received it as mentioned earlier on the 12/01/2021 so about 1 2/3 month´s after placing the order (Bare in mind this was over Christmas and new years)

    The watch was packaged very thoroughly and arrived in perfect unharmed condition!

    As mentioned by others their customer service and contact are TOP notch, better than I have experienced with any other dealer! assistance is instant on their live chat and they are very responsive on email too! (Bonus that they are online at EU day)

    Overall I am very satisfied with my experience with YourWatch, and has already placed my second order!
    the only thing I would say could be improved is the QC process wich is quite slow and challenging (However Julian told me that they are working on it and that it should improve soon!)

    Whom btw. has asked me to send his kind regards to the Forum :-)

    Hope it was helpful!
    Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

    I Have attached pictures of the watch below!

    Enjoy your watch!