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Thank you Andrew!

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    Thank you Andrew!

    Purchased my first rep ever, bought this for my brother.....aaaaand now I don't want to give it to him. My brother is going to be THRILLED.....

    Andrew at Trusty Time was so very helpful. GREAT (not good) communication, especially since this was ordered around the time of the raids. I ordered it 5 or 6 or 7 ....weeks ago (I think) but PURPOSEFULLY have not been keeping track of "how long" it took, since the veteran members here have advised us noobs to take a big fat chill pill.

    NOW I understand why there are folks on here that have so many reps in their collection...this particular one is VERY well made, and looks AMAZING.
    I had NO IDEA how nice reps have become. Oh my my..... This is a HEFTY watch. Feels amazing on the wrist.
    Backhand someone in the face with this thing, they're going DOWN!

    Clean Submariner from Trusty

    I think I have successfully uploaded my pics, but I will see if they are once I hit the post button. And as I have read many times in others' posts, the pics simply do not do this watch justice.



      Enjoy the watch
      For other shopping needs, pls visit