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    Top 10 facts about TDs

    Given that we observe a surge of complaints against TDs as of recent times, I thought I would list some facts for the new adopters. All this is from my personal experience.

    These are what I think are some pertinent points for a newbie to ponder, prior to ordering from TD

    1. TDs mostly operate from China. TDs do NOT have a shop into which you can amble in, to inspect their wares. They do NOT keep stock of watches. If you ask "is this X in stock?" they will reply based on their best experience. Only after receiving your payment will they go to the factory (located invariably in China) and procure that X. There is the possibility that they find out that X is not in stock then.
    2. The work the TD does is generally considered ILLEGAL in China. If you buy from them, it could be considered ILLEGAL in your jurisdiction too, depending on where you are. They, or you, can get into trouble with the respective authorities for your transaction.
    3. TDs are "trusted", not "special" members of this forum. No, they are neither treated as Gods by the forum managers nor by the experienced members. TDs are "trusted", in the sense that there they do NOT scam. They will either ship the watch you ordered, or refund your money. Thats about it w.r.t. "trust".
    4. TDs make their living, notwithstanding #2, honestly and competitively by charging a markup over wholesale. They do not pay bribes or commissions to forum owners, managers or members. They attempt to secure new or repeat orders by their service, competitiveness and reputation. They frequently match another TDs lower price. They will refuse to complete your order and refund, if they beleive servicing your order will hurt their business tangibly or intangibly. Dont be offended if TD says "no soup for you"
    5. TDs do make mistakes. Sometimes they ship you a wrong watch. Other times they overlook QC issues which seem obvious to you. But it is their mistake ONLY if they send you a watch which is different from the QC pics you have approved. It is your job to analyze the QC pics they send and ask for more, prior to your approval.
    6. Many TDs will accept credit card payments. They use some 3rd party CC processors. If you are an imbecile, pay them via credit card. Consequent to #2, those 3rd parties charge hefty premiums for the transaction, in the region of 10%. Some of those 3rd parties might be honest, some may not. It has been reported that the CC you use could be charged additional fraudulent amounts. Do not blame the TD for any such happenings.
    7. TDs vary in size. Some may be an operation of say 10 persons (just my guess as to max size), others just 1 person. They may vary in duration of their TD status of say 10 years (again just my guess) or probationary. As anywhere, there are advantages or disadvantages of your pick. Just don't assume the highest volume TD or the longest serving TD is the best or a new or single person TD is unsafe.
    8. TDs are here for profit, just like you, to earn their living. That being said, consequential to #3, you should not "trust" the TD to read your mind. Some may ship the first working part they get from factory. Others might take extra pains to satisfy your QC desires. If you feel shafted by any TD, do express your opinion or raise a help desk ticket, but do not lose heart, just learn the situation, adapt, move on to another. This whole hobby, is after all #2, if you intend to persist.
    9. Your shipment could arrive in a few days, or take a month or more. Be aware of your geographical situation. Also be aware of customs risks (and associated surcharges) based on your location.
    10. Finally, it is a "relationship" which you should cultivate. Do not assume you are purchasing from Amazon. If you are not happy with this, LEAVE IT and resort to Amazon or Gens

    Good job in putting this together.
    Now all that needs to happen is that it is being read (and understood) before placing the first order.
    Quite frankly, I have my doubts that this will happen but will be optimistic anyway.

    How about this being a sticky in the newbie section


      many thanks. for me as newbie in this forum this post explained a lot to me


        Beautiful. Please sticky this.

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          Well explained. Compliment!
          "Many people would be scared
          if they saw in the mirror, not their face,
          but their character."


            Thanks fellas, for positive feedback. I typed this more for my own amusement, or therapy after seeing the rise in (false) complaints against TDs. Of course, a legit complaint has to be brought forward.

            As first poster said, "those who dont read, wont read this, those who do dont need to".

            But, re-reading, I do like that quote!!


              This is all new to me. 10 years ago, I used to buy reps from etc... First of all, they were very cheap($60-$80). Probably garbage, but decent to my untrained eye.It was a very straightforward transaction and never any of this QC or worry (it seemed at least). These are much more expensive reps.

              Basically I'm randomly picking a TD??....someone mentioned chazingtime...aright cool sounds good.

              The one thing I'm confused about is the emails they have as a watermark on all their sites. Are we supposed to email them and do transaction through that? or do they expect you to click add to cart and just checkout like an amazon order?

              Does everyone get QC pics, or do they have to know you want them?


                A few order things:

                Many TD's have to buy from certain 'factories' via one or more intermediaries. Some have exhausted relationships with certain contacts.

                The severity of the punishment is so severe that asking for parts etc now is just not worth the hassle.

                Also there is no such thing as factories. Multiple sources peform assembly runs and a sticker gets put on at the end.

                All of the v numbers, sh/sa/vr's all made up, they just know latest version mostly

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                  Very good for new members! ????


                    WOW! The prices of these reps nowadays are crazy expensive