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Coinbase weekly limit

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    Coinbase weekly limit

    I don't know if this is the correct sub-forum, but anyways.

    I created an account at and verified my personal information with my drivers license. I got an e-mail telling me that I was verified and granted "Level 2" access. But my weekly limit is still only €50, which of course is insufficient to buy a watch. I sent an e-mail to their support and asked about my low weekly limit and got a response like "after reviewing your account I have escalated your request to our specialists, expected response time 4-5 working days". I was like...what what? Aren't you supposed to get a weekly limit of about €1000 once you're verified to level 2?

    I know there are many of you who use, what kind of weekly limit do you have? And what steps did you have to take to reach it?

    I have exactly the same problem as you.
    Received bitcoin info from my TD, created Coinbase account to send money to my TD, and cannot do more than 50€ ...


      If you look at the video made by PureTime,, they immediately get a £500 weekly limit. However, the video is over a year old so the procedures at might have changed since then.

      Are there any senior members who want to share their experiences?




          I’m a level 1, verified customer in the U.K. and have a £1,000 weekly limit.

          I verified in the same way as you.

          It must be a new thing but £50 per week is totally pointless.

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            Yesterday evening Coinbase support denied my request to increase the limit. So this will become a blocker for new customers if TD's can't accept CC payments.

            I transferred €50 yesterday. It says on the site that I have to transfer €100 to increase my weekly limit. So now I have to wait a week to transfer €50 more to see what that will get me.

            This is so stupid...


              Same experience for me ..
              They refused my request and said : “we strive to give every customer the highest limits possible as our relationship grows.”

              That’s a joke, what can you do with 50€ per week ..

              I contacted my TD for the payment, tried via CC but doesn’t work, so last hope will be bank transfer.. let’s see

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                So I was just able to buy €50 more to reach the €100 limit, which was required to raise my €50/week limit. Now it says "Wait 40 days".




                  Use kraken.

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                    I agree with Gatsby, especially in the EU use Kraken or Bitstamp. Big controversy in the cryptosphere around coinbase acquiring a company that has founders that help autocratic regimes spy on journalists, etc. I've used Coinbase for a long time, but looking into deleting my account. I think you can also buy with a credit card on Binance now, but not sure from what countries.

                    If you want a more private non-KYC way, I would search for a bitcoin ATM(fees usually suck) or look into Bisq. ATM you can typically deposit up to $500 or so and not need to enter any personal info.
                    I can answer your bitcoin questions if you need help with wallets, exchanges, etc.

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