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First Purchase Omega Aqua Terra Limited edition James bond

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    First Purchase Omega Aqua Terra Limited edition James bond


    I want to tell something about my first replica purchase.

    Omega Aqua Terra James Bond Limited Edition 15007 with Leather strap,

    (IMG from Google)

    That’s the watch I love for quite some time and now it’s so fascinating that I found this watch on some TD websites.

    So I move to the TD section and take a look at all TD Websites and read quite a bit on the reviews.

    So I decided that David, A7750, Chazingtime, intime and puretime are very good dealers for me.

    At this point I wrote my first email to all of these with the question if the watch is available.

    Send email to David, A7750,CT ,IT and PT.
    Yes. All that 5!

    4hr late i get the first reply from PT that I have to wait. Because of they working hours.

    1 hr later I get an email from A7750.
    Stock ok, but they don’t have triangle shipping to Germany because of there missing EU Office. They are very sorry about that and can’t offer it to me.

    Another Hour later E-Mail from CT
    Stock ok,
    Triangle ok,
    Payment via WU and Banktransfer.
    (I don’t like banktransfer to China because of the high fees.... same but not so high on WU)
    So for me WU is an option ( sometimes they block payments going from Germany to China) because of that it would be better with VISA Or PayPal.

    Got an email from David
    Stock ok ,Triangle ok, payment via Transferwise ( it have better fees like WU and never heard about blocking the transfer)

    3 Hours later i get an email from Puretime
    Stock ok,Triangle ok
    Payment via VISA, Master, Bitcoin and WU.
    Because I have no Master And my bitcoin wallet havend enough to pay with it,????
    I go with VISA.

    After that I send an email to all of them. Asking for some QC pictures.
    Maybe I get some ;-)

    No one have that watch in office to make QC pictures but I get some when payment is ok.
    Unfortunately :-(

    Heard first time from IT.
    Stock ok,Triangle ok
    Payment Via Master (sorry bro, I have no Master)
    Asked for VISA.

    David searched some time but he found „old“ QC pictures.
    These are from an other client but for my first look it’s very interesting for me.
    The watch looks great! Really .
    Only a few imperfections are visible to me.

    I found the most good reviews about Puretime, so I decided to buy the watch from Jennifer.
    Iam very excited, my first purchase of an rep!
    I go on the website, get it in the basket and I am ready to go.
    Yes!!! I got the watch.
    .... no I didn’t
    Payment (VISA) wenn wrong.
    Ok Jennifer was very nice.
    I E-Mailed to her.

    apparently PT can not get a VISA even though it's on the website..unfortunately .
    Ok order canceled.

    Look on some websites and felt in love with the wooden Omega box.
    So I decided to ask David ;-)

    David answered
    Wooden box stock ok.

    Get an mail from InTime.
    Unfortunately no VISA maybe in some weeks.( no that’s to long my friend)

    Take some time to wait on the canceled order and take some time for new year party ;-)

    I have decided... again.
    Wrote an E-Mail to David.

    I want this watch!

    -Shipping : triangle to Germany
    -Watch + Box !
    -Payment tranferwise (very easy to use)

    Requested QC pictures of both before shipping.

    Wait on his reply and can’t wait!

    I will update this post when I get new Mails.
    I let out the prices, everyone can see the prices at they Webpages.

    Sorry for my pure English !

    See you

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    Payment is on the way


    Payment arrived via transferwise
    Waiting on updates

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      Update 10.01.19

      Still no updates

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        waiting for your photo


          Update 15.01.19

          Get QC pictures.
          Here an example:

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            Get shipping info for the watchbox
            I ordered an omega wooden watchbox too ;-)

            Get shipping info for the watch itself.
            10-15 days to arrive in Germany.

            Watchbox arrived
            -and iam very happy with the quality of this.
            Will take some pictures when the watch arrives too.

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              Update 29.01.19

              Watch arrived in Country

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                cant wait for the actual photo, close up... do snap more...


                  Update 30.01

                  Watch arrived!! Yepppie

                  I am very impressed about the nice work!
                  Packageing was very good.

                  And here some samples:
                  It’s the biggest watch I can wear.
                  41.5mm dia and 14mm thickness .

                  Its 1:1 in Messurements.

                  It weights 102gramms
                  But I can’t find the weight on original.
                  I have to find it out.

                  Lume is very nice blueish color.

                  Some issues on the strap but it’s fixable with an lighter:

                  Klasp is nice in quality without play when closed. It’s a little bit tight when I want to close the clasp but I think it will go away after a few days.
                  Indicator of 6o clock isn’t perfekt alignet (oriented to the 30 its a littlebit of to the left)

                  Finish (brushed on the sides and polished on the top and back)
                  Is also good work.

                  I will take some closeup shots next days and upload it to this thread.
                  And will make some comperison with the Original.
                  I found some little details that are not like in original but it’s no problem for me.

                  Manual Winding is very smooth with very smooth clicking sound.
                  Automatic winding is a littlebit noisy but nothing bad.

                  I don’t know what to say.
                  I love this watch and iam very happy with my choise.

                  Thank you David!

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                        High quality:


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                          What do you guys think?!

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                            That things so nice.


                              I couldn't see in the write up, how much was this?