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Back to work from CNY holiday

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    Back to work from CNY holiday

    Hi Friends,

    Past few weeks are CNY holiday in China,I didn't work,to have a rest with my family,
    all your supports let me have a good 2017,I hope I can work better in 2018 for all of you,

    from today,I back to work formally,
    I have some rest orders didn't finish before CNY holiday,please don't worry,I will finish them asap,
    and I can accept orders from today too,the market opened also,

    I can get almost all watches in the market if they are in stock,
    I will give you my best QC and test like all my other customers still,
    I can get the best quality of belts and bags also,

    so if you want any thing,you can send me a email about it,

    my email is : [email protected]

    hope to hear from you soon via email!

    Best Regards

    I can’t find the website, what is it?


      Lucy has no website at the moment, just send her an email with a link to the watch you like!


        My Vacheron Constantin Patrimony tourbillon Power reserve 6 months later :
        Thanks to Lucy who selected after sevral watchs that where proposed by the factory, the right perfectely working one , with perfect dial, perfect tourbillon with aligned second arm and the PR hand exactely back to zero when the spring is over.
        6 month later I am always perfectely satisfied with the watch, I always find it so beautiful.
        I put a RIO band dark blue and it looks superb.
        The time is accurate, the tourbillon runs nicely

        So a big thanks to the expert Lucy : it is the 6 watch she already founds for me and she is really very concientious and I am happy with all these watchs :
        -Audemars piguet Royal oak blue dial,
        -Blancpain Fifty Phatoms black dial,
        -IWC Portugese power reserve Blue numeral,
        - Pateck philippe Nautilus jumbo blue dial.
        I will try to put photos of all theses watch on the site but it is not so easy……

        To conclude : I was recentely asking Lucy her advise on the Vacheron Constantin American Historical 1921 rose gold….
        she at once asked their opinion to other friends sellers on the version in the market with a hand winding A2824 movement, then she told me it's not too stable,quality not top, so she advise me not buy it….
        That why I think she is a real trusted dealer not only interested in selleing any watch to her customers, but only the best one after she carefully checked how it was working on a week and after she send excellent QP
        Regards Lucy for all that
        TITI from France


          I don't see the email adress

          Tapatalkkal küldve az én SM-G925F eszközömről