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Contact me ASAP to get a VSF's sub!!!and a small news about me

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    Originally posted by APjumbo View Post

    Contact Lucy.
    Lucy will give you payment info
    Then pay
    Then wait
    Then wait longer
    For me too.
    We hope Lucy will be back soon with good news!


      Originally posted by truetime168 View Post
      A small update here,good news,new batch of it seems can come out after 3~4 days,this time,I can get more of it than the first batch,
      so if you order it at once now,I can get them for you still in this batch(certainly,include the customers who paid to me already),

      Hi Lucy, do you have any other good news for the second batch you were talking about?
      I paid you a few days ago (I sent you an email from tr****[email protected]).
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        Contacted Lucy by email twice but no response. Anyone else the same?


          I have sent her two emails to no avail...


            Hi Friends,

            Sorry for let all of you worried,

            small updates here,

            1,these watches are from VSF 100%,not I get VSF's parts to find a small factory to put them together,I am just a small dealer,I don't have so much powr to do it,
            this is my last time response for this thing,I know somethng about VSF indeed,but I don't want to talk too much about them,it's a kind of protection for them too,
            if you real hope they can back in the future,don't pursue how and why they make these watches always,the same like I wrote before,
            if you trust me,then you can order it,if you don't trust me,you don't need order,I can understand,

            2,if you are familiar with me,you should know I have many years didn't post any watches in RWI already,
            one reason is I am real too busy everyday,so I didn't have time to rebuild my site or post threads of watches here,
            my customers know I can get all watches in the market if they are in stock,
            another reason is I forget how to add pics in the thread,about 7~8 years ago,I used photobucket,
            later,I used imgur(forget their name,don't know whether correct)to added pics,
            but I forgot all of these accounts and passwords,so I didn't post any watches later,
            this time,these VSF's watches,I want to share more pics of them in this thread too,
            but don't have time to research how to add pics still,
            I want to show the pic of rehaut(VSF's rehaut is special),serial number,movement,etc,which can let you know it's a VSF's sub,
            but now,just if my customers want to see,I can send to them,
            if I can have a afternoon with no work,I will try to add pics here,

            3,I have about 3 days didn't reply emails already,from Sunday's night to now,I'm not being lazy,
            opposite,I worked very hard in these days,except these sub orders recently,I have many other orders still,
            I used about 2 whole days,stayed in my watchsmith's office,
            finished QC and test,cleaned dust and adjusted the movement about 18 watches(not include these subs),so I can send these watches out within this week,
            the 8 subs I got in first batch,I told my customers I can send them out within this week before,
            I finished QC and test of them already in these days too,can send them out soon too,within this week,

            4,about reply emails,I didn't select the emails to reply,I always open my computer,then reply emails from the first/latest one,
            until I need sleep,

            5,I got many orders last week indeed,many customers paid to me for them already,
            like you thought,real have hundreds of customers send me emails and want them,
            but in fact,I just got about 30 orders so far,not my customers don't want to send the payment to me,it's me have to control it,
            I don't want my customers all paid to me,but wait for long time,I don't want to disappoint my customers,
            because some customers,they can accept wait for longer time,but some can't,
            I need control these orders,according to the quantity which I can get,

            6,for the customers paid already,I have some news for them too,
            in fact,these days,I got the second batch of subs already,so I used a whole day to QC and test all these watches too,
            at before,they said they will give me all ones I ordered,
            but in fact,they didn't,

            for each one of these sub,I ordered 15 of them this time,
            but finally,I just got some of them,not all of them,

            and this batch,didn't have the 116610 LV,

            so for all my customers ordered the 116610 LV last week,all need wait next batch still,sorry for it,I can't control it,
            not sure when the next batch can come out,I can only wait their notification,the same like I said before,maybe a few days,maybe a few weeks,not sure,

            for the 116610 LN,I got some of it,I can give to most customers who paid for it,maybe some customers need wait still,

            for the 126610 LN,I got many of it this time,so for all customers who paid for it,I can send QC pics to them soon,I can accept new orders of it still,

            for the 126610 LV,I got some of it,I can give to most customers who paid for it,maybe some customers need wait still,

            for the 126619 LB,I got some of it,I can accept new orders of it still,

            so now,for the ones I got,I will sort out orders today,
            I will send QC pics of them to my customers in order,
            I think will before Friday,

            now,I have these 2 watches in stock still,

            the 126610 LN and 126619 LB,
            if you want these 2 watches,please contact me asap still,I can give you at once,got them back already,

            if you still want to order other sub,you need can accept wait,maybe a few weeks,

            but these things,I real can't sure,in fact,for these 2 batches I got,before I got,they all told me need wait a few weeks,
            but in fact,just a few days,then I got these 2 batches,so maybe they said a few days,but need a few weeks,so real not sure,
            I just tell all of you the real situation I know.

            to me,I hope to get more news from them about the next batch,then accept new orders of other sub,

            so if you haven't get it,you can keep pay attention to this thread,I will update news about them when I have,

            worked a whole day in the market on Tuesday,back to my home about 2:00 am already,I know maybe some of you worried already,so wrote some news here,
            if I have something typed wrong,hope you can understand,
            I need sleep now,will reply emails again from tonight,

            7,even for these subs which very hard to get,I still tried my best to finish QC and test of them for all of you still,
            clean dust,adjust the movement,etc,I think to other dealers,maybe 98% of them just got it and send it out directly,
            because most of them are no problem,
            but to me,even 1 of 10 have problem,it's problem still,so I want to check and test them better,then send out,

            so please please give me time,if you want a good watch.



              Thanks for the update Lucy

              Have sent you a separate email so speak soon

              "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"

              "Take care to get what you like
              you will be forced to like what you get."


                Good news indeed


                  Originally posted by truetime168 View Post
                  Hi Friends,
                  Thank you so much for this update Lucy, it is important to know that you are working towards our best!
                  Take your time and give us the best watches.

                  We speak by email.



                    Thank you Lucy, you re the best. Will wait as long as you have ????
                    pmed you ????


                      Hi Lucy,

                      Thanks for the update on your work status. I emailed you about a watch I'm interested in and look forward to hearing from you.


                        Hi Lucy, you sent me payment information 11/24 I tried sending it but wouldn’t go through.
                        I’ve emailed you several times since and you haven’t responded.

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                          Thanks Lucy.

                          Look forward to receiving the QC pictures.

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                            Originally posted by Deerstalker99 View Post
                            Thanks Lucy.

                            Look forward to receiving the QC pictures.

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                            can you post your QC pictures?


                              Originally posted by Antonello View Post
                              can you post your QC pictures?

                              You see QC from 2 members here.
                              If you worry about card, buy one custom from trusty for 45 bucks.
                              My favourite Trusted Dealer:

                              German Bierhaus Telegram Gruppe:


                                The serial numbers used by VSF aren’t even the same as real Rolex numbers so not sure why you’d want the card as anyone in the know would know they’re fake by looking at the serial number written on the card straight away.