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Contact me ASAP to get a VSF's sub!!!and a small news about me

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    I was told by Lucy that I'm the second person who had paid her, I just got my QC and approved the watch.
    YES! Thank you for so fast and hard work Lucy!


      I was just told by Lucy I’m the third…. Bahhhhh just kidding! I’m way too late to the draw. Congrats to all you cool cats with your finger on the trigger!

      Hey Lucy, let me know when you magically find a NOOB Daytona in yellow gold with black dial!

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        Hi Friends,

        Some update about these subs,

        at first,my friend said he will give me 10 of it,but after his QC,he found 2 of them have small QC problems,so he didn't give them to me,
        so finally,I got 8 of it yesterday,

        I took QC pics of them and send them to 8 customers who paid to me first,

        firstly,I am sure they are 100% from VSF,I checked the serial number of them too,it's total same like the ones VSF released before the raids in April,

        I got them from my friend of VSF,I got VSF's watches from him for many years already,I total trust him,if not real VSF's watches,he won't give me,he don't need cheat me,

        it's not fake VSF's versions in the market,but certainly,if you don't trust me,you don't need send me email about it,

        these watches all made by VSF indeed,not I get VSF's parts to find another factory to put them together,
        I am just a dealer,and real very busy,so don't have time to do these work and in fact,I don't know how to do these things,

        I know some news about VSF,but I can't say too much about it,keep silent is another way to protect them,right?
        we all hope they can real back,then we can get more good watches from them,so now,please don't research why/how they are making these sub still,ok?

        I heard other dealer maybe sell it with $888 or other prices,
        yes,it's too too hard to get indeed,so because of the quality of it real very good,I think maybe will have customers accept that price still,

        to me,my prices are much cheaper than that price,after I posted this thread,many customers send me emails about these sub,
        I told them these words about price,so attached it below too,

        "now,VSF didn't release anything to the market already,
        no news about them in the market more than 4 months already,
        but I know they can release their sub still,

        I need to go through some special channels to get these watches,

        I have very good relationship with VSF before,
        so if get the watches from VSF directly,I can get it via the normal price indeed,

        but now,no dealer can get these subs from VSF directly,
        to me,even I can get these subs now,but all via that special channel to get them,

        so for each watch,they charges me extra $30~$40 on it,

        but they can confirm the ones I get all are from VSF 100%,

        that extra $30~$40 not charged by me,I need pay to them,
        to me,I earn the same like before,
        just I can get these subs now,

        for the 40 mm sub,need add $30,
        for the 40 mm 116610 LN,it's $428 before,now is $458,
        for the 40 mm 116610 LV,it's $458 before,now is $488,

        for the 41 mm sub,need add $40,
        for the 41 mm 126610 LN,it's $468 before,now is $508,
        for the 41 mm 126610 LV,it's $498 before,now is $538,

        so I just tell you the situation of them honestly,

        I just found the channels to get them,so I posted the news in RWI at once,
        I don't have them in hands now,need order first,but I can get them for my customers,

        this batch of sub from VSF came out about a few days already,I don't know how many of sub they still have now,
        so if you want,we need order at once,I will try my best to get for you asap,
        if we missed this batch,then real not sure when can get the next batch of them"

        for Noob's 4130 Daytona,I have sold too many of it before,a very famous and very good quality models also,
        in fact,a few years ago,when that Noob's 4130 Daytona just came out,it's also very hard to get it then,
        but I have my special ways to get some of it then,so I think I am a little famous about sell this Daytona then,
        later,all dealers can get it easily,later,Noob was raided in this April,

        yes,in the market,in recent months,sometime,will have some real Noob 4130 Daytona came out still,
        but I never sold them,even I can get them indeed,
        because their price are too crazy,all about $1200~$1500,
        at before,they just need $650~$750,

        I think it's not worth for that price,even it's a very good watch,
        even sell one,I can earn more than before,I still don't want to sell them,I think it's not worth to let my customers pay for it,

        WolfKissed,friend,for this one you asked me,"NOOB Daytona in yellow gold with black dial",it's very hard to get now,
        maybe 1~2 months ago,will easiler a little,but now,too hard,
        these watches,not always can find it,not you have money,then can buy it at once,need a chance,
        maybe I can find it,I can ask my friend about it,but friend,to be honest,I don't want to sell it,
        too expensive,I think it's not worth,

        after I posted this thread on Monday's night,everyday,I can get extra 30~40 emails about these subs,
        everyday,I need work a whole night,to the 10:00 am of next day,I am one persion work,
        from I posted it,I didn't have time to go to the market already,but I have many other orders need finish also,

        so yesterday,after I wake up,I went to the market directly,to deal with QC problems of my other watches,
        back to my home from the market until 2:00 am of today,

        so a whole day of Wednesday,I didn't have time to reply emails,

        I know there are more than 50 emails are asking me about these sub still which I haven't reply,
        today,I won't go to the market,will reply all these emails today,so don't worry,

        but now,all customers who want these sub,need pre-order and wait,
        after send the payment,I will add your name to my order list of that sub,
        then after I get it,I will give it to them in order,
        I am not sure when the next batch will come out,maybe a few days,maybe a few weeks,

        if you can wait,then yes,contact me,if you want it urgently,then I am sorry for it,

        but yes,I think I can get them still,

        it's 8:20 am in China now,worked a whole night again,after I wake up,I will reply emails.



          Thank you. I am sure we will all look forward to your reply.


            I was told by Lucy that I'm the first person who had paid her, I just got my QC and approved the watch. Thanks you very much Lucy.


              Big it up for Lucy! Great move to sell those at a fair price and not rip off your customers like other TDs!



                I for one appreciate your transparency, especially on pricing, and completely understand the need for some industry secrets/non-disclosures.

                We definitely don't want to interrupt supply again, so I truly don't want to know how you get them , once you get them

                I was also very happy to wake up to some great news in my emails, as it seems I was the 2nd person to pay for a 126610LN, it definitely helps to have Lucy saved in the Wise app

                I can't wait for it as it'll match the LV I received recently, also from an earlier order with Lucy.

                Have received the QC and approved them because they look great.

                Thanks again to Lucy & congrats to the first 8.

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                "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"

                "Take care to get what you like
                you will be forced to like what you get."

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                  Thank you Lucy. I believe in you


                    Oh,friends,except the 8 of them I got in first batch,I can get them still,I mean the second batch of it,

                    so if you want them,please contact me asap, my email is [email protected]
                    it's the best and the only way to contact me now,don't send me PM,just send me email,

                    if you contact me earlier,I can get for you faster a little too,

                    I didn't reply emails in the last 2 days,but I know I got too many emails about these subs,
                    so for the customers who send me emails in the last 2 days about the sub,please don't worry
                    I will reply all of them from now,

                    if you see this message and want one of them,please don't hesitate,just send me email asap,I can get for you soon,

                    I know I can get them now,so if you order them now,I can get for you soon,

                    maybe after some days,this batch all sell out,then need wait long time for next batch,

                    so even you can pay to me after some days,I can't sure how long need wait then,

                    so tell you the situation honestly here.



                      Thrown my hat in the ring and sent some money to Lucy. Fingers crossed….

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                          Whelp, someone posted this on reptime


                            Oh,friends,replied a whole day emails again,8:20 am again now,too tired,need sleep at once now,
                            but have too many emails haven't reply yet,all are about these VSF's sub,I checked my emails just now,
                            there are about 80 emails haven't reply still,most of them are from Nov 24~25th and just now,
                            I am one person work,so hope you can understand the slow,so these customers who send me emails on 24th~25th which haven't get my reply,please don't worry,
                            I will find time to reply all these emails asap still,you have chance to get these subs still,

                            today,I need go to the market to deal with my other orders,so I will back and begin to reply emails again about 23:00 pm,

                            if you haven't send me email about these sub,but you want to order it,
                            if you see this message first,please notice these things below,which can help you order these sub from me faster and better,

                            1,in your email,please tell me which sub that you want,you can find the price of them from this thread,
                            please tell me where are you from,so I can know the shipping fee,

                            2,I can only receive payment via Transferwise/Wise now,when you send the payment,
                            please please add my email [email protected] in the payment,
                            because I got too many payments in these days about these subs,if you added that email in the payment,
                            so Wise will send an email to [email protected] to inform me you have send the payment,that email will have your name and informaiton,
                            so I can know that payment is from you,it's very important,because I got too many same payments of these watches,
                            so I need know which payment from whicih customer,
                            I need use these emails to sort out orders,

                            if you just send the payment,and forget to add my email in the payment,I can only get a message from bank that mentioned a payment arrive to my account,
                            if so,I can't get any other information of you about that payment,thank you,

                            PS:[email protected],I just used it to receive emails from Wise,
                            don't send emails to this address,I won't reply,I don't use it for work,

                            the only way to contact me is this email [email protected]

                            3,for customers who paid to me already,please keep patient,
                            I added your names to my order list of these 4 subs already,so what we can do is just waiting now,
                            after I get them,I will give them to you in order,

                            4,I can't get other VSF's watches now,so don't ask me about them,I can only get these 4 sub from VSF now,
                            but maybe in the future,I will have chance to get other watches from VSF still,I mean their PAM and Omega,but not now,
                            so if you want other watches from VSF,maybe you can pay attention to my news in RWI,
                            if I have reliable news about them,I will post in RWI also,

                            5,if you want these watches urgent,please don't order them,
                            I must be honest with you,I real don't know the accurate time about when the next batch can back to stock,
                            maybe a few days,maybe a few weeks,but I think won't more than a month,
                            if you require I must give it to you within a few days after you send the payment,please don't order it,
                            refund is real very troublesome,

                            a small update,I heard next batch of them maybe can come out soon,
                            so for customers who paid to me already,I think I can get them for you soon,I mean the second batch.


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                              Originally posted by truetime168 View Post
                              Thanks Lucy!! I await your reply email (my email on the 24th from the address tr*****[email protected]). Please, in your reply emails already indicate the total price with shipping to my country (I indicated in my email) so I can make the payment immediately.
                              I believe in you.
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