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Maximum size for pics in the Forum

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    Maximum size for pics in the Forum

    I am new here and have quite a little experience with cameras, but not much with taking pictures of little things like watches. Most everything I have done is of my kids in sports (Soccer, hockey etc) I have been experimenting with different techniques and I can see that already after a little tinkering I am getting better. Here is a post that I just made with 9 pics that I think turned out pretty decent. With a little more practice I think I can do better.

    My question is more about posting and how things look on the forum. Do you see in my pics pic #7&8 are right next to each other horizontally? I didn't do anything different with those two and all the rest so I am assuming that it is because the combo of the two pics does not exceed some max width that the forum allows. Is that right? btw I did not include a return between any of the pics in the BB code. I am also assuming a return forces the next pic to be below the prior one. Am I onto something or am I on something?

    Really... ....... :P