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    Originally posted by bouleto View Post
    What color of 163 did you choose ?
    What is 163?


      Originally posted by mclarendude View Post
      I’ve never bought pens from my TD. All of mine are DHGate Montblancs. I buy a genuine MB refill and it does the job perfectly. I’ll try to post pics. But they’re nice quality, heavy, and feel great.

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      Hey mate, I’m definitely interested in what you bought. In my experience the pens in dhgate have been light and a far cry from feeling gen. Do you have a link or advise on where or what to look for when you mention these heavy reps?


        I need to say that the quality was much more worse than I thought :P de screwing mechanism broke within 2 /3 weeks. So if you want you can order them, they are a bargain. But I would order 5 pens so you can change them easily :P


          The screwing mechanism on which pen?


            My recommendation is to just buy gen.

            Save for that little bit longer and you have a great quality writing instrument, plus the service department are great. I dropped my resin starwalker pencil at the store, they sent it off and it was returned by post to me working for absolutely nothing.

            And I absolutely love my carbon starwalker. I should probably look to get my others out and give them to someone to use as they sit in a box now.

            I also like the Beatles edition, it is a bit loud, but for some reason I like it.


              rek00001 the star walker silver. DiggerOfWatches haha that's the point where im at right now. Want to buy a gen. But there is no opportunity to flex them working from home haha