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post cap or leave off while writing ?

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    post cap or leave off while writing ?

    My dealer said its a US phenomenon to post top or cap of the fountain or roller ball pen to non writingend of pen when using pen... I love posting my caps....

    what do you guys do, leave it off?

    I understand some pens do not allow the caps back on the ends... Example is the gen Jonathan Swift MB, strictly a drop on the table or pocket cap... Its a major detraction to me fyi

    If it's a screw post, I post... Better balance


      Leave it on the table for fear of scratching the case.


        Some pens are made with screw on caps , others are really impossible to post...
        It feels odd when my pen is not posted, and its really a personal taste and maybe training. My super inexpensive JO x450 pens, that write wonderfully fyi, will not post.
        The MB Jonathan swift will not post. I dont like the idea of the cap rolling off desk or being left some where.... and that is all about my experience miss placing things..

        There is not right way to write in this regards, and I TOTALLY understand when we value our pens to not want them damaged....

        I find it interesting how little fountain pens have changed since the Advent of the sac filling systems of the early 20th century. Like with caps... I see threaded tops so caps can post and are artistically designed to be one piece. Some older models had a pencil on the other end... maybe some now too.

        Thanks for you post all, and have a great holiday season and if you celebrate it, a merry Christmas....


          I post if the pen will take the cap without marking and most pens I own will.

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              Assuming it can be done and there will not be any damage to the pen, I always post the cap. Not only would leaving it off cause me to search for it incessantly, but I am used to writing with a certain "heft" on the pen. Without the cap, it just feels wrong.


                When using either of my gen MBs, I post. Too much hassle if/when I lose the cap...

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                  I prefer to write un posted and post if the pen is designed for it.
                  Un posted eliminates scratch marks on the top barrel finish.

                  Best is to find a pen that fits your hand size and writing style.