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SIG P320RX - 9mm opinions?

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    SIG P320RX - 9mm opinions?

    Considering purchasing. Really like the idea of a factory red dot sig. Anyone own or have some range time?

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    i have not, but i can tell u how much i love shooting the sig tacops in 9, 40, and 45. solid shooters. no malfunctions at all but nothing compares to my x5. that is a real shooter my friend


      Can second the reliability of a sig in general. Never have had any issues with my p220 and p226. My first pistol purchase was the uaed p220 from the range. It has been shot countless times and still just as reliable as ever


        I’ve got a Walther PPQ. I love it. Light. Super reliable. Even my daughters love shooting it.
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          I second the PPQ, as well as the CCP M2 if you'd consider a sub-compact.

          The 320 had some "childhood" issues that have been fixed (supposedly), but overall a solid package; decent muzzle flip, modularity, factory extras, plus it looks nice and clean if you care.
          They have released some M17 civilian limited editions as well, which imho are too expensive without having too much extra to offer.

          Whatever the specs are though, and whatever the press/blogs say is good or bad, you safest bet is to put the gun in your hand and put some rounds down the range.
          Test different manufacturers at the same category with similar specs because you might find something that fits you like a glove and not even see it coming.