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    Originally posted by OverAfton View Post
    Do I work there or do I belong there...?
    That is the question...

    Wingy is one of the best dudes ever ! -Raddave-


      Originally posted by Raddave View Post

      So much for DR/Patient confidentiality huh ?
      None breached here...for the lady who murdered her children, all evidence is public domain in her case....oddly, it would be if I gave other medical info beyond the drug-induced psychosis, eg, "She also has diabetes" (which she doesn't).
      Jamaican queen, same: again nothing breached.


        Just to clarify: all these cases involve criminal proceedings, and the court documents are available to the public. What I am NOT saying or suggesting is that people in the criminal system "don't deserve their right to medical privacy". They do. I may suggest that they deserve it even more since EVERYTHING else in their life is laid bare to the public through documented criminal case proceedings. ("Deserve" is a bad word choice here, I know, but I"m just using it just to help make a point).

        For the Jamaican Queen, there are no identifiable details given save that she is Jamaican and a woman. I could even tell you what meds were prescribed, but I won't due to the fact that there is a possibility this incident could be tracked down (with Google search, for example) and then her name could be linked if I gave this info out.

        For the sad case I linked: it is known that heroin is involved., and this is because the police found it at the scene, and it is mentioned in another Baltimore newspaper I read. Again, if I mentioned the specific prescribed medications, there would be a breach (but I didn't and I won't).
        Also, all this information can be/is released in the public domain since court proceedings are generally available to the public.

        As heroin is a Schedule 1 drug (defined as drugs for which there are no accepted medical uses) there is no breach for mentioning she was using it.
        Schedule 2 thru 5 do have accepted medical uses, and this information is protected.

        Interestingly, from the Virginia Office of the Attorney General:

        "Schedule II drugs have a high potential for abuse and severe dependence, but have a currently accepted medical use. Schedule II drugs include PCP, cocaine, methadone, and methamphetamine."

        So, yes, your comment is understandable, but I just wanted to be clear about this.


          Originally posted by OverAfton View Post
          Some years ago I covered for a colleague over a six-month period at a hospital about 2 hours away from my home here in Virginia, USA.
          Here: (please note the irony in the name of the actual city in Maryland where SHC is located)

          I was on the Somatic hospitalist team for this forensic psych hospital, and would do the intake physicals for those patients/inmates that were newly admitted.
          ("Somatic" has to do with the "medical" side of the patients' care, rather than the "psychiatric", ex., diabetes, hypertension, obesity--- much of which is secondary to the long-term anti-psychotic meds they have been on.)

          ALLLLLL this to say, this BigDog person exhibits worrying signs attributable to those who suffer from demonstrable psychosis. Of note, this does not necessarily mean there is a greater tendency for SELF-harm, but there certainly is a tendency for violence in general. These folks are rarely, if ever, "nice". Spitting mean, aggressive, pissy, entitled, and my-oh-my can they get violent and mouthy! And often....paranoid.

          Funny story:
          There is a large Jamaican population in Baltimore, and I admitted a lady who was a physical SPECIMEN. She was Jamaican, close to 6"1" (1.85M), lean, muscular, Olympian-grade athletic (that's like "1:1 Swiss-made replica" ---she looked like a female Usain Bolt), and stunningly beautiful. Several days earlier she had been strolling through one of the large shopping malls in town, randomly walking up to people and slapping them across the face (including one poor fellow interviewed who had simply been relaxing in, of all things, dollar-per-minute massage chair!) Her beef with these people? As her "subjects", these individuals had not been demonstrating the appropriate respect that she, as their queen, was due.
          Admittedly, this lady looked like royalty, albeit, alas, nutty as peanut butter. Woman was STRONG too, no [email protected] slaps here my friends!

          She actually used the word "deign" with me, saying: "I will deign to answer your questions". She, like the others, are deemed unfit to represent themselves in court, in her case for simple assault.
          My last interaction with her: a week or so later I walked up to her to ask a simple (medical) blah-blah question (these folks are not kept in cells, but are free to walk about in a structured common area), and she turned, slowly looked me up and down (I'm shorter than her, to boot!), and waved me off, telling some of the other patients to "please relieve me of this man..." HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!! She should've been a queen!
          A light-hearted story with serious undertones: these people simply are not in reality, and have no way of getting back there under their own power. I don't know if this guy is tipping toward that place....time will tell. Keep an eye out in the local police papers!


          I took care of the lady on the right. Drug-induced psychosis. When most of us have a "bad day" or get too drunk, we do something embarrassing or say something hurtful to someone we care about, feel regret later on, yadda-yadda. I met Ms. Avery after she had been clean/treated, she was calm, in her "right-mind", and appeared sad beyond anything I can describe. Devastating: true definition of Pathos. Note-to-self: if you're going to do heroin, don't do it around children.
          Sorry I had to dig your comment up, it was the first thing I thought when I can across this guy’s profile:

          At first I thought he was a troll, but reading some of the stuff he posts, I think he believes the crap he says. He thinks he is God, Buddha Christ, Il Padrino, all rolled into one. In his deluded, convoluted multiverse everything is possible and he is at the center of it. He would comment on random strangers posts demanding loyalty, money, allegiance in the most arrogant way conceivable.

          What personality disorder is this? It’s like some sort of Napoleonic complex? They should be locked up in a padded cell.

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            Test for Raddave, that's all.