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    Welcome to the Brig Pamsouthpaw

    Welcome to the Brig Pamsouthpaw or should i say Uomo1001

    Welcome back. Has some bad man hacked your account again? I have to say that your first stay in the brig was the most entertaining, laugh out loud read for all involved.

    Why have you come back? You knew you would get caught again! Stupid is as stupid does, I guess.


      Holy crap, what a read! That is epic. I am gobsmacked!

      Thanks again to the Mods here, legendary work


        Ciao Gennaro , come va?


          You're a funny guy, that uomo1001 Brig thread was very funny - you should think about writing children's stories, you have a wonderful imagination. Very entertaining read.

          So, let's get down to business.

          Your name is : Gianno Finale

          Your job is: Area business manager at Brand System SRL Italy.

          You live at: Corso Secondigliano 253 Parco Gianturco 80144 Naples, Italy.

          Your phone number : 3347839319

          One of your Paypal accounts: [email protected]

          Another Paypal account : [email protected]

          This is your Super Secret Nobody Can Catch me email: [email protected]

          And just so that everybody who dislikes dealing with scammers can avoid dealing with you (because you're a scammer Gianno Finale) here's another address and a couple of names you like to use for shipping purposes:

          Caterina Giampaolo, Via Santa Caterina 8 San Luca 89030 Italy.

          Sebastian Romeo, Via Santa Caterina 8 San Luca 89030 Italy.

          What you look like - because it's funny:


          If there'd been a part for an effete Neapolitan hairdresser in the movie Get Shorty, you would have been just perfect for it.

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            This guy really isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Has been caught by how he writes his 'w', the way his hands look, his recognizable carpet and table...

            The fact that he just keeps on trying to scam after getting caught multiple times makes me irrationally angry. Hope he gets his needed dose of karma.



              Tucker seems to be fallen into a pit of ignorance - Cavemax

              But in this underworld of rep watches,it is clear that the normal thing is to play with the luck of the Seller's roulette - j.m.mozos

              I wanted this omega so bad :/
              I opened the box and got a star wars shampoo...cookienc10


                Va fangool Gennaro, you f**king finnochio.


                  ti troverò



                    I'm in love with the shape of Roo // Sucker for 3-6-9 dials


                      Lol finnochio ????

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                          He looks every so slightly like George Michael.
                          George Michael now. Similar stench too, fucking scammer. I feel obliged to bombard his (soon to be ex) employer about his scamming.
                          Just trying to earn as much in my life as Tete earns in a single month.


                            Originally posted by Sivve View Post
                            This guy really isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

                            Not necessarily a bad thing.

                            With his level of intelligence he would end up cutting himself on himself.


                              Wow, that was a roller coaster. I laughed, cringed, kept cringing and then did a spit take when I saw the photo of the T-shirt and the scarf. Absolute madness.

                              Thank you to all you mods who protect us from guys like this. I appreciate you every time I look down at my wrist.