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    Wow what a great read, need a drink cos I've finished all my pop corn. Well I'm really happy the guys got their money and items back. Big thank you to the mods for their efforts and the fella that came through with the info about his daytona being scammed. Geeee I gotta say where I come from and grew up all of this time, resources and money would be frowned on. I can honestly say that I've witnessed what happens to scum like this in the hands of my fellow villages and this piece of shit really has a angel on his shoulders that has guided him to live another day. Yet it's the leaniant punishment that will see this boy go out and do it again and again, they don't change. Guess that's why the older generation dealt with these matters without wasting resources over and over again, they knew better. It's sad the way the world is becoming where a handshake deal and giving your word as a man is deminishing and you hear of people being scammed nearly every day. It's getting worse and worse everyday, yet it's forums like here on RwI that the few of us that are still around can enjoy the old ways of doing business and when a little grommet piece of shit scumbag comes along he gets nialatted for the rest of his life so he won't have access to a job in the future where he could do a hell of a lot more damage to a hell of a lot more good people. Well done to everyone involved in pinning that little shit down and I would like to commend you guys for helping us feel more safe in being members of your community. Cheers!


      Perfectly said Vinnies1 the vast majority of members respect RWI its ethos and its rules. It is just a handful of these thiefs who do what they do.

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      Originally posted by Parabuteo;n5110721
      Mods are GREAT at working out things, going to bat for us, and have some tools at their disposal to sanction scammers but they can't ultimately protect us from everything, including losing $ if we are not cautious. The main takeaway is this: we RWI members are participating knowingly in the "wild west" here (which actually thrills me) so...caveat emptor and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

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        A remarkable outcome.

        I have been out for a while. But when I check in cursorily, I check 1 or 2 topics. The brig, and NWGEN list.

        Congratulations to Chab and the RWI team. This is perhaps the FIRST instance where an inmate has been prosecuted and found/plead guilty. Served time, even if it is a slap on the wrist.


          Originally posted by r0b9502 View Post
          This is perhaps the FIRST instance where an inmate has been prosecuted and found/plead guilty. Served time, even if it is a slap on the wrist.
          Nope, not the first, there have been others but this is first for Canada yes.
          This was a massive effort for those involved, a lot of folk deserve thanks for the outcome.

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          People always forget, the correct sequence is rape, pillage THEN burn. sfa437
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          hmm - from what I know of Guanaco all he'll do is try to make the trouble more fun.... greg_r
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          When you say modding, do you mean repeatedly hitting it with a hammer? Mickey Padge

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