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Welcome scammer max12345

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    Shameless scammer

    How he could still be oblivious and smiling in all of his social media accounts is beyond me
    (formerly known as 'godkiller')


      Still wearing it apparently. Also, his Instagram is public again if we want to have a little fun.

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        Feels like he's showing the watch on purpous, is he taunting us?

        Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk

        Diver Collection:
        • Rolex 6538 big crown tropical sub
        • Rolex 5510 3-6-9 explorer dial tropical sub
        • Rolex 6536 albino sub
        • Rolex 1665 double red sea dweller tropical mkII

        GMT Collection:
        • Rolex 1655 explorer II frogfoot rail dial
        • Rolex 1675 gmt master gilt cornino small hand
        • Rolex 6542 gmt master pan am albino bakelite bezel

        Chronograph Collection:
        • Rolex 6238 black pre-daytona
        • Rolex 6239 blue cosmograph prototype
        • Rolex 6263 albino daytona
        • Rolex 6565 ferrari red newman daytona
        • Rolex 2508 antimagnetic
        • Rolex 4113 split second - not possible!!

        Other Watches:
        • Rolex 6541 milgauss honeycomb
        • Rolex 6305 datejust bubbleback double red creme waffle
        • Rolex blue 'smurf' sub - converted from a tc v7 extreme
        • Heuer monaco

        • Jaeger LeCoultre reverso grand date
        • Patek Philippe 2499 black dial breguet numerals perpetual chronograph
        • Patek Philippe 2497 white dial perpetual
        • Patek Philippe 5050 retrograde white dial perpetual
        • Patek Philippe 1436 split second chronograph
        • Patek Philippe 2524 minute repeater