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    I should add that those two post above are legitimate, and that this unfortunate watch enthusiast contacted me before making them and we have been exchanging info and informations about how to put this scammer career to an end


      I don't think we will be hearing from this prick again: You will need google translate.

      A huge thanks to all who were involved in uncovering this guy, you know who you are. This is what happens if you mess with the fora, we get together and bad things happen to you.

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      People always forget, the correct sequence is rape, pillage THEN burn. sfa437
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      hmm - from what I know of Guanaco all he'll do is try to make the trouble more fun.... greg_r
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      When you say modding, do you mean repeatedly hitting it with a hammer? Mickey Padge

      Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens


        I just read this next door and was pretty stoked to hear that this guy got what was coming to him... did laugh a little about the rock through grandma's window, but that says more about my twisted sense of humor than about justice being served.