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    I need to read this from the beginning..
    . Anyway did the douche try to make it right or even bother to reply here?

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      He replies and he had no choice but to make it somewhat right. Well worth the read. [emoji41]

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        Damn, some insane drama unfolded here, hopefully everything's been resolved and money and watches are now back to their rightful owners! Seems like a leopard never changes its spots

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          Wow....finally just finished going through all the pages.... Glad there is a resolution, and a path forward.... But damn this kid....

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            My god what a novel. Great read.



              Originally posted by JakeS1998 View Post
              I just wanted to update everyone - Niko Douvris is still scamming. I will not be able to type the full story because it will take ages. I made the mistake of not inspecting the Cartier Love bracelet I purchased off of him around mid-February. I found out it was fake the same night. I instantly texted and called him to wake up realizing my number was blocked, my Facebook was blocked, etc. I quickly find that he worked at Bentley Gold Coast. A week later he contacted me saying he was out of town for a family emergency, consistently lying and claiming that I switched out the bracelet he gave me with a fake and was trying to con him. He ended up agreeing to meet me (about a week after initial purchase) at a police station locally to refund my money and have me sign a document stating that I was refunded (because he thought I was conning him). He texted me the day we were supposed to meet explaining that he was very sorry and his ex-girlfriend gave him back a fake bracelet, told me that he will go to the bank and Chase QuickPay or Venmo me the money he owes me. I politely declined and said I will only take cash so he cannot chargeback any payments. He took out 3/5 of the money that day - his daily withdrawal limit. He met up with me, apologized, and told me he would pay me the remaining money he owed me (About $1,000) the next day. The next day he dodged me, the day after he stopped responding. 5 days I went with 0 contact with him and I texted him "I'm going to sue you tomorrow if this isn't taken care of" to which he told me "I'll meet you tomorrow." Long story short I go to meet him the next day on a Monday. He has me running around downtown Chicago for hours while he claims he's on a test drive with a client. From there he finally tells me to go to Trump Tower (Where he lives) and there will be an envelope in my name. I go get the envelope, deposit the check for the $1,000 he owes me. 2 days later it bounces. He completely played dumb and tried to blame it on me, so I went to the courthouse the next week and sued him. He was just recently served. As of the beginning of March he is no longer working at Bentley Gold Coast. I just wanted to make everyone aware he is still scamming. I have his Instagram, Facebook, phone number, address, etc. The easy way out for him would to simply pay me my $1,000 + court fees at this time. He seems to enjoy playing games, so I will continue to pursue this for as long as necessary to get my money because of the simple principal of the issue. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts (specifically where he works now) that would be greatly appreciated. I'll be turning in a file report of what happened as well as a print out of this forum to any of his future employers. Sorry for the essay, I just wanted to fill in as many details as possible.
              I know this is ancient at this point, but I had something similar happen to me with this kid around the same time. Pretty bizarre coming across this all now.

              Niko bought a few reps from me locally and paid cash. Later he contacted me and wanted to buy one that he previously didn't want, and paid cash again. He did this a third time, and this time offered by pay via check. Which I took figuring the guy was good for the first couple already, and that was my mistake, because guess what, the check was reversed.

              I had the same story- repeated attempts to contact him, nothing. Ended up calling where he worked, and then I got the same excuses- I was out of the country, my identity was stolen, my bank account was frozen, I'll get you the watch back, etc. Finally after about two weeks of nagging, he left my watch at the reception of Trump Tower.

              After reading this thread, I think he must be the very worst scammer in the world. I'm not even sure what he thought his endgame was going to be? Try to rip off some people for relatively low amounts of money and then give them their money back? What kind of scam is that? His info, employer, phone number, etc are all over the internet and he thought he'd just disappear?

              Anyway, the really incredulous part is that a few times after this all happened (and while this RWI stuff was still going on) he texted me asking if I had any more watches I wanted to sell him. Which I just ignored.


                Makes me wonder what he's doing with all these watches. It's not a leap based on his employment to guess my suspicious.
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                  Blimey. Slow night at work so I have just sat and read through this entire post. I have only recently discovered the delights that the brig has to offer in terms of drama but all I can say is I am blown away by what can be found out by a few simple details on a forum and an IP address. I guess that is down to my own naivety. The community here put a lot of effort into stopping these things happening in the first place and then putting them right when they do slip through the net.

                  The other thing that strikes me is these scammers ability to double down and continue to brass it out after being exposed. I guess some people just have no shame.

                  I have now bought a few watches from the M2M sales section and had nothing but success and straightforward transactions. I suppose these scammer cases are the exceptions that prove the rule.

                  Anyway, I don't want to bump this post to the top unintentionally but I wanted to comment on one of these threads in the brig to show some appreciation for the members that look out for us noobs and go above and beyond.

                  I will now return to lurking out in the sales section trying to snag the next rep for my growning collection.


                    Originally posted by Rx4Time View Post
                    Makes me wonder what he's doing with all these watches. It's not a leap based on his employment to guess my suspicious.
                    I would find it hard to believe there would be swapping going on with the store. That could be spotted in a second by so many people.

                    But now that you mention it, I recall on our second meeting he was raving about the quality of the AP I had previously sold to him, and mentioned that a friend offered to give him 12 grand for it.

                    Maybe he thought he could flip reps off to stupid rich kids who thought they were buying discounted gens, using his gen job as cover, and then got caught and tried to take it out on us, maybe even using us as cover (these guys sold me fake watches I didn't know)


                      I wonder what effect this would have on potential scammers if this became pre-requisite reading for m2m sales ?
                      Would this serve as a deterrent to any one contemplating m2m scamming?
                      Could it be presented as required reading prior to all members being able to access the m2m sales section?
                      Not sure on the most effective way for it to be put in place. Surely, the reality of a forum that comes together to identify, exemplify and demand accountability as a whole would make a potential scammer to at least think twice.
                      I guess the sad reality is no matter how much thought is put into prevention, there will be those that spend more thought on ways to carry out scams.
                      To the honest, rule abiding members, we tend to react after the fact. To the scammer, I imagine they are constantly planning their crime as it is a way of life for them.
                      I took the time to read through this a couple years ago as a new member. It really opened my eyes to the extent these scammers will stop at nothing.
                      Now, reading this again a couple years later, I am more thankful that RWI includes the Brig as open reading.
                      Well done RWI, well done.
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                        This thread is crazy. Crazy to which lengths you guys go to make things right.
                        Before reading this thread I was thinking how it got 40k views after only reading the title lol.


                          Holy shit, this is epic. This thread should be sticky so future scammers would think twice before ripping off the RWI-forum.

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