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Welcome to the brig Bizkarma aka mintmanin

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    Originally posted by DesertAdventures, post: 3793244, member: 159897
    Time to start spamming his friends on facebook and letting them know he ripped off a rep watch dealer.
    Just write on his facebook (in this is hindi language) "yeh chutia chor hai, nakli watch aur woh bhi chori kee hai with paypal dispute".

    That means "this fag is a thief, fake watch and on top of that stolen with paypal dispute"
    Sad to see one of my people doing this shit.

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      Look at this shit!!!

      Police to get involved soon?


        You could always e-mail him...or subscribe him to a few things

        [email protected]
        1) Go to and read the dealer reviews. 2) Find a dealer you like the sound of. 3) Check out their website. 4) Find a watch you like. 5) Email the dealer and ask them for the watch you want. They are all TRUSTED dealers, so you will have an epic win. 6) Have an epic win. If you're trying to find 'the best replica' of a certain watch, read the forum more. The TD section and buyer reviews are helpful, but the brand forums will give you in-depth info about each rep. Dealers and reviews: Brand forums: This forum is like Replica University - if you don't read there's no point in coming here.


          Get him some of these


            Originally posted by sead1999, post: 3793448, member: 4966
            Need to find a contact through that girl somehow she can fix him

            That is the girl in his pictures


              Well this guy doesn’t really care if his info got exposed to the world. He is probably too rich to care.

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                Originally posted by gavmeister, post: 3799422, member: 127679
                You could always e-mail him...or subscribe him to a few things

                [email protected]
                I would love to order 20 pizzas to his house. Im sure he's be happy to pay it

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