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Watchknob’s Speedy Rotor Silencing Service

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    Watchknob’s Speedy Rotor Silencing Service

    ​​​Sent my ZF Jaeger LeCoultre Master ultra thin moon phase to Mr. Watchknob to get it’s Miyota 9015 whirry rotor quieted down.

    WatchKnob has excellent communication along the way, throughly explained and answered all questions, and had this job turned turned around within a day and sent back to me with tracking info. The watch got to him Friday afternoon, I had it back by Monday!

    The rotor is quiet and smooth now, and Watchknob also regulated the watch the get it running better, and even asked me some questions about how the watch was running so he could properly adjust.

    Very happy with his service, would highly recommend and definitely plan to be a repeat customer!

    If any mods could add (REVIEW) to the post title, it would be much appreciated to avoid any confusion for other members to know what they’re clicking on. Thanks!