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    Welcome to Tech Coat!

    As you might guess from the name of this section, I am offering PVD coatings and mechanical surface machining for watches!
    Thank you for having me here as a Supporting Vendor!

    I always had a passion for science and I ended up stuying engineering. I have quite a lot of experience in material science, especially coating processes. Already back at school I have always had some sort of project going on, with 15 I was obsessed with case hardening and in the final years I tried electroplating ABS without using dangerous chemicals, which are common in the industry.
    And yes, for many teachers I was quite annoying.

    Many of us like the full black look of watches, but often replicas of customized watches are made by noname factories and are of poor quality, which is really disappointing.
    Or you just have a watch or just a part, which you always wanted to be black or sandblasted for an unique touch.
    I am sure I can help you with that!

    For now I will offer 2 different Coatings:

    - black with/without sandblasting for ---249€ per watch
    - anthracite with/without sandblasting ---249€ per watch

    If you want to have single parts coated or have any special requests please contact me!

    Both types are durable and enhance the surface hardness. They can withstand many common chemicals and corrosion and there is no discoloration even under UV lightning.
    I recommend sandblasting before coating for the best results.

    Currently I am located near Munich, Germany.

    As I am not a professional watchmaker, I cannot disassemble/assemble your watches.
    However the watchmaker I trust can disassemble/assemble the watch for you, but it will cost approx. 100€ depending on the type of the watch.
    A combination with a full service would lower the costs for the disassembly/assembly to approx. 50€.
    Please note it will take more time as the watchmaker is often busy.

    How I ended up being here on RWI?
    Well, aged 16 I looked for new collectibles as I have always collected something. Also I have been a fan of James Bond movies and got interested in the watches worn. My father used to wear an old beaten up Speedmaster and so I ended up buying a 3rd generation Seamaster Professional Diver. But soon I realized how expensive buying genuine watches I actually wanted was and I had the luck of discovering RWI. At first I have only read through the database, then I signed up and ordered my first replica Chronomat Evolution from sead. I expected nothing, but when it arrived I was amazed of the quality compared to fashion watches and genuine watches for the money.
    And the addiction began…

    Some pictures of a coated Titanium case (anthracite):

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