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Terms and Conditions

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    Terms and Conditions

    Our terms and conditions:

    We are both honest and reasonable people with many years experience in buying, selling and trading in the replica and gen watch industries.

    We shall do our very best to select high quality watches for sale at equivalent TD shipped prices (converted to our local currency using commercial exchange rates).

    Our watches come tested at source and then we carry out our own inspections prior to dispatch.

    We are not watchmakers or full time dealers looking to sell high volume. We are essentially long standing members looking to pass on watches with stocks in the U.K.

    Our terms are quite simple:

    Stock watch listings:
    1. We only sell in-stock watches via email and do not entertain custom orders. All stock watches will be photographed individually and listed for sale in the store.

    2. Our watches are thoroughly examined and tested for condition and timekeeping prior to listing and dispatch. We take high quality pictures in natural lighting to suitably convey the condition of each stock item. Additional pictures can be provided on request.

    3. The accuracy and condition of our watches will be consistent with typical replica watch industry standards and not Swiss watch industry standards.

    4. We do our best to select the highest quality watches built to replica factory tolerance. If your standard/expectation is higher than the factory specification than please do not waste our time.

    5. On receipt we will unwrap some of the plastic to check winding, time-setting, date change, clasp closure etc. If you want a watch new in plastic, please specify this in your email and the watch will be shipped without any testing on our side.

    6. Buyers shall be sent a QC video demonstrating correct functionality of the piece prior to dispatch.

    7. The watches are sold as seen. We are honest, well established members and will do our best to source high quality watches.

    8. Established members with high post count and reasonable sales history get a discretional ~2 day warranty. Qualifying members will be made aware prior to taking payment. The limited warranty typically excludes crown, stem, winding, bracelet and damage due to drop or water ingress. However, in some circumstances we may ask the buyer to ship the item back to China for repairs. Buyer covers postage and packaging (both ways).

    9. Your watch will be packaged robustly and sent out using Royal Mail or ParcelForce services as per the specific sales listing.

    10. After the watch is shipped, buyers will receive a photo showing “proof of postage receipt” and a tracking number. Once the package leaves our hands, we cannot take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged in post. If there is a problem, we will do our best to help but please do not ask us for periodic tracking updates. Instead consult the postal carrier “lost post” procedure, which typically requires a 2-4 week delay (beyond the expected arrival date) before the carrier will investigate.

    11. We have shipped many watches internationally and never had any problems but we cannot assume liability for custom seizure of your package.

    12. For international shipments we use our standard customs declaration and value. A letter is included making the package consistent with a damaged watch being returned from repair.

    Notes on buying replica watches:
    13.These are replica watches, built in warehouses by people on shockingly low wages and distributed by criminals. We do our very best to select only the best watches for our stock but even with the best will in the world, occasionally watches will fail prematurely during ownership. If this happens we cannot take liability as this is a well established known industry risk. The risk of a properly inspected watch failing is very low these days but buyers need to be aware of the risks. If there is an issue with your watch we may agree to the buyer sending the watch back back to our supplier in China (buyer pays postage).

    14. Prior to purchase buyers are encouraged to do their own research on the specific model, version, release etc and familiarise themselves with the known “flaws”, design features and potential issues reported by other members. A watch is not classed as defective if the issue is a know attribute of the factory version.

    KS watches (EU) team

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    Nice to see another EU/UK based seller...
    Now, let us know your list of watches for sale and how we may pay you...


      Thanks for visiting our vendor pages. There’s a couple listings up now, please check them out.


        What payment method do you accept?


          Originally posted by Giup93 View Post
          What payment method do you accept?
          Payment in euros or GBL via Bank Transfer to our U.K. or German accounts.

          Buyer saves money since they pay in local currency and hence don’t have to pay unfavourable EURO/GBP to USD exchange rates and fees.