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Offering: Optimized WordPress hosting

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    Offering: Optimized WordPress hosting

    Don't you like speed? Fast cars, motorcycles or airplanes? We all do, I'm pretty sure about that. One of my favorite things is speeding up website's, don't ask me why but I really get a rush out of getting a few extra milliseconds off the page load.

    One of our products is optimized hosting. One of a kind as we invest in a customized configuration based on how your website is build.

    The package for a WordPress website includes:

    At-least-twice-as-fast-as-your-current-page-load-no-matter-what POLICY
    This you'll love. We'll not only refund you in full, no, we'll offer you a year of free hosting and feature your current hosting company on our wall-of-fame. Do you guys have a wall of fame? No, just because we simply always won and stayed within our policy. We guarantee your website to become twice as fast and will do everything we can to make that happen. No matter what.

    Content delivery around the globe
    We'll make sure static content (like images) will get cached on a network of multiple machines around the globe. That way we can return the images from the closest location of your visitor, no matter where they are from.

    Always up to date SSL
    We do not host website's without an SSL certificate. We'll implement one for you and keep it up to date with the latest encryption technology to make sure the connections with your website will be secure.

    Money back guarantee
    Not happy? Not enough speed? Found someone else who's cheaper and you think they'll do better? Whatever the reason is, we'll refund you. We want happy customers, because a smile is contagious. If you smile, we smile, why don't we all just smile. Smiling is healthy. I want to be healthy. I rather see you leave smiling than keeping you crying.

    Oh, almost forgot. You get all that, at the price of $29/month. Oh, and you can always cancel at any time, no problem.

    Contact us on: [email protected]
    Or send us a WhatsApp/iMessage for super-fast-reply's: +31 613 618 564

    Never ever forget to read the small texts as it may include information about the product or service you're about to buy. Mostly you'll find the negative things in here, but we just wanted to add that you're a good guy reading this and we'll send you a personal greeting video after we finished setting up your hosting package. For non-WordPress hosting we'll add the information here soon. Make sure to tell your boss that you found THE company to host your website, make sure to tell your sister about THE hosting company for her make-up blog and at last make sure to contact us even tho' you don't have a website and want to have a little chat. We like chats. Just like we love coffee. You like coffee? Come visit us for a coffee or let's do a pizza night. We love pizza nights.