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IWC Big Pilot Markus Buhler Rep - Crown Issue help?

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    IWC Big Pilot Markus Buhler Rep - Crown Issue help?

    Hi guys,

    Sorry, newbie to this forum so apologies if this has been address already...!

    I've got a Markus Buhler rep that I've had for about 18 months now, and its been pretty good up until a few months ago. I noticed that what felt like the threading in the crown of the watch was not as tight as it should be, so I was a bit gentler with it when twisting it back in. However, this morning after I had wound the watch, the crown would not lock back into position.

    I was wondering, is this a common problem for reps? (I've got one of the cheaper Rolex BLNR reps that has a crown related issue as well) And how would I go about trying to fix it?

    Thanks in advance guys!

    Yes common issue. Stripping of the threads on the crown or tube..

    Your watch is not very common, it is a hand wound one if I remember correct. You can try to get a new crown from a TD and that could help if the threads on the tube are intact. Otherwise tube needs to be changed.

    a diy move: you can take the crown out and squeeze the tube a bit with some pliers but just a bit. This sometimes helps.

    Generally best to oil a bit the thread area when you get a new screw down rep and rotate the crown in the opposite direction first until you catch the thread. You can usually feel this point.

    good luck fixing it.