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Review: Custom Ember Rolex Daytona

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    Review: Custom Ember Rolex Daytona

    Hi all,

    It's been a very long time since I've done a review on a build, so hopefully you will enjoy reading this. First of all, this build required almost zero effort on my part, but mainly all arranged by "Good-Price" on reddit. I wouldn't like to comment too much about some "findings" on here about him, but in my opinion there was some misunderstanding or disagreements with members and admins. I personally enjoyed liaising with him and we chat regularly as we are eyeing up for more builds.

    For anyone who doesn't know about Ember, they are a company who customises gen watches in Munich Login • Instagram

    I didn't include prices as I don't want to get involved with any "profiteering" discussions.

    1) The base/donor watch is based on a two-tone 4130 Noob Daytona
    2) The Ember kit: comprises the Arabic Dial, Arabic bezel, gold hands, and displayed case back
    3) Custom grey gator strap: made by ZicZac leather (I will provide some details on colour and specs below)
    4) End links: smarty end links - I think you can buy cheaper ones from TDs and Ali Express now.

    This review are in 3 parts, watch, strap and photos + Vid

    WATCH REVIEW============================================ ====================

    The original was limited to 100 Pieces vid here ROLEX Daytona Middle East by EMBER - YouTube

    Based on photos from Ember's insta:
    1) The dial print is not as raised but definitely readable.
    2) The diamond settings at 3,6 and 9 are slightly different where the gen has a "fence" surrounding and at the same height as the diamond and the claws sit on top of the fence folded towards the centre to hold the diamond in place. With the rep, the fence is half the diamond's size and the claws simply curve to hold on to the diamond.
    3) I can't read Arabic, but I had actually sent photos to my mate who can for fun and "Units Per Hour" was legible for him - to my untrained eyes is quite detailed
    4) The case back is engraved with the Ember logo and other info, I have no idea what the gen one looks like as I can't find a photo or a vid of it.

    STRAP REVIEW============================================ ====================

    The strap was custom made by ZicZac leather, in short I will order from them again but I can't say the order process was smooth. It takes them a day (if not more) to answer emails (even I replied within minutes after their reply). I ordered on the 1st of Feb and I just received it (6th of April) so if you want something urgent, pls bear in mind.

    Full disclosure, they have to remake my strap again as the "tabs" on the first strap were not even/centered in width. It took a couple of days for them to provide an extra photo at a different angle and then a day for them to decide to remake the strap.
    My full order notes are at the bottom, I had provided an illustration to provide the measurements, but they had got it wrong. My strap unfortunately came about 50MM too short on each side as they had interpreted my overall length including the tabs (although I had provided them an illustration)

    1. Colour: Medium Grey - Crocodile strap
    2. Size: 20mm/15mm (see notes for details
    3. Stitching colour: Taupe
    4. Padding: Uniform Thickness 2mm
    5. Length: Long 55mm Short 45mm
    6. Buckle: None
    7. Keeper: None keeper
    8. Note:
    i. I like the same design as this strap you made with the length measured excluding the leather tabs (pls see photo)
    20mm/16mm Orange Genuine Ostrich Leather Watch Strap for Rolex #WT4672 – Ziczac Leather Workshop
    ii.I also don't like to have the top stitches, I just want to have stitches on the side of the strap (pls see photo)

    ON TO THE PHOTOS AND THE VID=============================================== =================

    VID Here:

    Thanks for reading! :-)
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    I really always loved this Daytona. Please PM if interested in selling.
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