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The perfect Rolex clasp mod by Andrei01 is here! (lots of pics)

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    The perfect Rolex clasp mod by Andrei01 is here! (lots of pics)

    Good morning to you all around the globe!

    You may have seen smoke pictorial on this mod he rated the work as 10 out of 10 and said that he felt this was as important as a gen crystal if you want your watch as per gen. I’m 100% in agreement with him here. The pictures will speak for themselves but what cannot be caught on camera is the absolute perfect smoothness of the clasp when he’s finished. It has no sharp edges whatsoever and clicks firm and beautifully shut just like gen. Needs to be seen to be believed! I will now be sending my Superfranken YM bracelet and clasp for his work and will post pictures when they arrive. Andrei was a pleasure to deal with and is a true pioneer on the brushing of these watches to shimmer and shine just right... dive in boys the water is cool and clear

    So here is what he did :

    - rounded the edges

    - straighten a crooked edge on the clasp

    - re greased the glide lock

    - re brushed & polished to gen spec

    andrei01 also widened the gap where you put your finger under the coronet to open the clasp. The pictures I hope you enjoy!

    first up the BEFORE pictures:

    and now the AFTER pictures:

    last but not least mounted on my Hulk

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    Wow, thanks ilovethiscity , you were too king for posting this!
    The watch looks really good ! I'm very happy you like what i've done to the clasp.

    The mod is pretty simple but makes the bracelet look indeed a lot better. The funny thing is that i never have time to make one for my build

    Cheers mate !


      Incredible work!!


        Originally posted by matty1938 View Post
        Incredible work!!
        It really is bro! Has to be done
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          ilovethiscity see you got a couple AP’s too! Nice man I’m looking at taking first dive into AP


            Another great work!!!
            Searching Parts:
            TC DWO v4
            Datejust Dial with Roman Numerals


              ARF is getting very good! Check out this YM clasp :

              Not only this but the ARF hands are getting better as well :

              Next ARF sub may have the potential to be the best out there.


                Bugger! Can't see pictures.... any advice?