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Little Bezel-Mod turorial for Ceramic-Daytonas

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    Originally posted by panerista1979, post: 3500976, member: 16890
    Hey mate, did you take the time to read the thread? [emoji6]
    Yes i did of course


      Thought you may have missed that we discussed the color before. Because of this I was asking. [emoji6]



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          Originally posted by panerista1979, post: 3477589, member: 16890
          Hey guys!

          Just wanted to share my experience with the bezel color mod.

          This is how I received my Daytona today.

          I cleaned it with silicone remover from a carpaint workshop.

          I use the Porsche "Carrara white" paintpencil for the mod.

          After 5 Minutes of drying I removed the paint with a q-tip and again the silicone remover.

          At the end a nice polish with a Microfibercloth and a bit silicone remover.

          I'm pretty happy with the turn out.
          Hope this could help some of you. [emoji4]


          Which silicone remover?

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            Originally posted by panerista1979, post: 3478068, member: 16890
            The "Carrara White" from Porsche is not bright white. I've seen the gen and compared it in daylight. The result is pretty good imho with that colour. Of course you can take "Reflexsiver" (VW) for example, which I've used for my Batman GTM, but in that combo on the Daytona I think Carrara white is the better choice. It gives a great contrast to the bezel.

            If you google for some Ceramic Daytona pics, I think you'll see that it's looking more white than on a GMT, Sub and so on.

            I'll compare it again next time I see my customer with the gen Daytona an post pics here. [emoji4]
            Could you please share a photo of your batman GMT? I have a SS YM2 and my blue bezel is in need of an upgrade. Would you reccomend this carrera white or the reflixsiver? I have studied gen photos and it seems your carrera white is spot on.

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