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READ!! Guys please stop messaging me in 2 different formats

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    READ!! Guys please stop messaging me in 2 different formats

    Guys please... Like 7 out of 10 of you are sending me a Pm, and also an Email or visitor message

    I get multiple messages a day and often about the same watch, I cannot see that the person that emailed me is also the person on the forum who pm'd me. So I often respond to a PM.. Only for this person to say, you replied to my email already

    ​​​​​​There is no need for this whatsoever

    Some of you have even responded to a thread, posted a visitor message and sent me a Pm...

    This will have exactly the wrong response, because I'm getting to the point I will just ignore people doing this

    Its very very frustrating

    Contact me by one format and continue any future conversation in that format.

    Visitor messages will not be responded to whatsoever I don't get notifications for those.

    Email: [email protected]

    Email will always have the best response. And state you forum username and in the title "hi" isn't very good, in the title type what watch you are referring to so I can easily find the email in future
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