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4px China to UK - looking for advices

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    4px China to UK - looking for advices

    I am sure a lot of you guys from UK have experience with dealers shipping via 4px (& some other couriers) from China to UK. What I am wondering is who is delivering the package to the final address in UK, is it Hermes? If so, what are your experiences with Hermes? I used them once and would never like to have that experience again (they are literally leaving the package anywhere they like and after that it’s like a game to find the hidden treasure).

    If anybody has any advice on how to ship from China to UK, please let me know (it’s a non TD shipment (my friend is doing it) and I would like to avoid potential issues and sad news of package lost, seized, my next thread lol).

    btw, I want to avoid DHL since I had as well one unpleasant situation with them with a package coming from China to UK

    looking forward to read some useful advices what service to book.

    tnx in advance & wishing you all a nice sunday!

    EMS or ChinaPost and I think they’ve been RM or parcelforce at uk end


      Royal Mail / your regular postman will deliver it.

      For your other question, no one will know. Depends on what the package is I guess...


        4px are just a wholesale shipping agent, it will come via Royal Mail from China Post

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          If I lived in the UK I'd deal with KSwatches

          Shipping within UK and personal attention to watch quality.
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            Kerushi11 muiramas trailboss99 thank you for your answers


              (I think it’s cool to just avoid dhl too. Your post kinda echoed how I feel too. And choose those other methods. ))


                Update/experience : recently I had 4 packages going from China to UK via 4px. 3 of them went without problems while the 4th one was stopped at the origin and rejected for export. I talked to my dealer and he told me that from 05.11. 4px is making strict control of the content for fakes and that at least for the moment he does not advice me to use 4px.

                He sent me a printscreen from 4px China, translated txt from chinese can be seen below :

                Prohibition of shipment of imitation products notice: in order to ensure the safe export of goods, from November 5, our company will strictly check the imitation brand for the general product channels of Unpa. If you check to the imitation brand, you will destroy and dispose of it by default and the freight will not be refunded. If there is doubt about the processing results, we need to contact our sales colleagues to assist in solving the problem. Please be sure to abide by the shipping requirements, send the goods safely, thank you for your cooperation and support, thank you!