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Treasure Hunt Need Help to find - Specific Tag Watch

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    Treasure Hunt Need Help to find - Specific Tag Watch

    Hi All...I am really hoping that one of you or a trusted seller sees this and can help or source 2 of these Tags rep or in another face color(there are 4).
    I bought one in Manila Philippines at a Rep Market 2 years ago and I love this watch. I wish to buy another 2 of the same or similar but on my worldwide hunt the only place that I have found this particular style of watch is in Egypt and the dealer cannot not ship to Australia.
    If anyone can help me source or put me in touch with some dealer who is very resourceful through experience that would be fantastic.

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    Mate for starters this should be in the Wanted To Buy section not here and as for the TDs if you need a new washing machine do you expect "Appliances R Us" to call you?
    Pick a few of the dealers and send that photo and ask, you want to buy so don't expect them to do the work.

    PS: you have been here well and truly long enough to know that so why is this post even here?

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