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SS 316L vs. 316F vs. 904L- The final VERDICT- A technical study

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    Originally posted by NDJ2 View Post

    Good to see there's some truth to the claims but at the end of the day there are two things to consider when deciding whether to pay more for a 904L replica:

    What I think is more important in a rep than the steel its made from, is the quality and cleanliness of the movement, and the QC generally. I'd much prefer to put the extra money to those more tangible improvements.
    On this I agree totally. Furthermore I don't spot a difference between the SS alloys. Neither visually nor tactile nor in the shine.


      I've always wondered if reps will stay to use 904l but I guess the benefits are not enough to justify the cost.


        Thank you for a educational and fun "article". Would you say the game has changed now since you're last post. Are the reps made of 904l ss just a haux or are they actually made of 904l ss?