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Asian or Swiss movement and which factory?? Polar Explorer 2 and SD43

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    Asian or Swiss movement and which factory?? Polar Explorer 2 and SD43

    Hey guys,

    What's better???? Asian or Swiss movement? i've noticed that some watches have either or, I naturally feel an ETA movement would be "better" i.e. more accurate, longer service intervals etc.

    Also, i've narrowed down what i want, either a Polar Explorer 2 or a SD43. I've noticed there are many variations of these watches, could someone chime in on personal experience? I'm not penny pinching "lol" and would like to get the best rep available.


    Asian watch movement is a copy of the Swiss movement. Swiss is usually more accurate, reliable, and more expensive. However, I read that there are watches with repaired/refurbished "Swiss" movements. So, you really need to know what you are buying before putting down that hard earned money. Also, I have many watches with Asian watch movement that run like champ. In particular, I have had good luck with A2824 and the clone Unitas 6497 manual movement.

    Explorer 2 and SD43 are very different watches. You should spend time browsing the forum for more information on both so you can decide which you like best and avoid buying the wrong version.
    Like many others, I am seeking a decent TC16610


      If you can get a real Swiss mvt in a rep, it will be the best..problem is that a gen Swiss mvt from CN could be buit with a mix of Swiss and Chinese better buy a rep with an Asian 2836 or 2824 clone mvt and then have it replaced by a watchsmith for a gen Swiss ETA, then you know for sure it's a gen mvt....
      ETA mvts differ from size and build form gen Rolex mvts so that can be tells.


        Get the ARF SD 43 with the A2824, and if/ when the movement goes swap in a ETA 2824.
        My wish list: gen components...
        Breitling Datora Montibrilliant dial, older style

        Breitling B13 date wheel

        Panerai OP VIII movement