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My v6s sub bracelet broke, any ideas on how to fix it?

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    If you plan on keeping it then maybe better off doing the job properly and get a TD source you one. Either clasp or bracelet I would recommend BK as I used him 3 times before.


      I have succesfully soldered these before, so best option if you can't find a suitable quality replacement. Not hard to do just need patientce and a third hand lol
      Click the pic to go to my Build Portfolio!


        V6S still has the best SEL fitting in the market, so I would not change the whole bracelet. Every cloud has a silver lining, and if I recall correctly the clasp of the V6S was far from perfect (I think it wasn't period correct, but I'm not sure).

        So, technically, your cat did you a great favour as now thanks to that lovely panther in miniature you will ask your TD for a nice and shiny ARF clasp and you will have a nearly perfect Sub.

        "What about my human, he's got a stock V6S, can you believe it? Got to do something about that"